Michelle Williams was kinda like a mobster on 'Dawson's'
December 16th, 2010
05:03 PM ET

Michelle Williams was kinda like a mobster on 'Dawson's'

Jen Lindley, we had no idea.

Apparently, that whole time Michelle Williams was playing the blonde next door on “Dawson’s Creek,” she was quietly angling for a career that had nothing to do with teen soaps. (Okay, so this isn’t that surprising; doesn’t everybody?)

After being compared to Johnny Depp – another actor who got their start on a “cheesy show,” as PopEater points out in an interview with Williams – the 30-year-old actress responded that her “Dawson’s” experience was actually a bit like “Casino.”

“I said to a friend [that] being on 'Dawson's Creek' was kind of like being a mobster,” Williams said. “You set up a shop selling pizza but in the back you're laundering money. You're doing one thing in plain sight and secretly plotting something else. I was plotting my tastes, my interests, my beliefs and hopes for what I could be.”

Like Marilyn Monroe, perhaps, whom Williams portrays in “My Week with Marilyn,” or an actress who stars in a movie considered to be so graphic the MPAA tried to slap an NC-17 rating on it.

Williams,who found the decision to be a double standard, said she actually wasn't upset about the decision right from the start.

“I didn't understand the ramifications of getting an NC-17 rating. I thought it only dealt with whether or not children under the age of 17 should be allowed to go and I thought, I don't know, that should be their parents' decision,” Williams said. “But what I came to understand is the issue of censorship and also living in a culture that devalues an honest portrayal of a relationship and a sexual relationship within a marriage but then promotes violent sex and torture. Once I realized those two things were at play, I became interested.”

It was a winding road though, between the sudsy moments of “Dawson’s Creek” to the intensity of “Blue Valentine,” but we suppose that’s why Williams was doing all of that plotting.

“It was never an option to me to make a lot of money or do work I couldn't get behind. That's not my nature,” she said. “What is hard is living up to your own expectations. Yes, it was hard getting jobs I wanted. I was a pop tart. It took patience and baby steps. I did a play in New York that wasn't about being blonde, which led to a role in an HBO thing to a role in a British drama. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, 'Gradually, then suddenly.'"

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  1. Godsmack Rules

    I think she is prettier than Katie Holmes. Ever since Katie married Tom Cruise she became a stepford wife. Umm wonder if Tom is still jumping on furniture

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