A very Braverman Thanksgiving on 'Parenthood'
November 24th, 2010
04:00 PM ET

A very Braverman Thanksgiving on 'Parenthood'

It's Thanksgiving, which meant a holiday family gathering for the Bravermans.  All the Braverman quirks, foibles and internal feuds were gathered under one roof - or, at least on one property, since Zeek was doing his best to avoid Camille after the art teacher fiasco last week.

Crosby had a minor freak-out over his mom-in-law to be, Renee, making pies, because Julia was supposed to make pies.  I say minor, because Julia was the one who had a major freak-out when she knocked one of the pies to the floor.

Actually, scratch that - Adam is the one who had a totally justified major freak-out when Boss Baldwin called him in on Thanksgiving to tell him he sold the company.

Gordon left Adam out of the loop, and said he didn’t want things to be awkward when he showed up for the Braverman family Thanksgiving. (One more example of why Sarah shouldn’t be dating the guy.) Gordon apparently thought springing the company sale on Adam that morning would make it easier to pass the potatoes at the dinner table that afternoon. Adam essentially told him thanks, but no Thanksgiving for you.

Inappropriate Sarah waited until the day of to ask if it was okay to invite Gordon for Turkey Day. Her mom and her kids were all uncomfortable with the idea, with Drew saying it was weird since he was Uncle Adam’s boss. Sarah mentioned he’s her boss, too, as if that would help, but Drew said that made it worse. (Thank you! Out of the mouths of babes. Or sullen teenagers, whatever.) Clearly she needs to run her relationship dilemmas by her son; that’s what her dad does.

Zeek, who was still in the dog house over confronting Camille's fling/art teacher, runs a "hypothetical" by Drew. What if he had a girlfriend who cheated then wanted to hang out with the other guy? Would he leave it alone or talk to the guy? Drew said he'd talk to the guy. Can't have someone seducing grandma with his "bad hotel art."

Crosby and Sarah were trying to change the seating arrangements so as to avoid holiday boredom, strife and violence. Adam walked in and let Sarah know he uninvited Boss Baldwin, who had re-invited himself. That will be turkey with a side of tension, please. Oh, and a dollop of in-law in-fighting: Joel is still upset that Crosby supposedly took over Jabbar and Sydney's class play.

But tender Zeek also made an appearance last night. He tells Drew it’s okay to love and miss his dad. Maybe that therapy is sinking in. Then Zeek called Seth to tell him he needs to call Drew. And Seth does call, which makes Drew happy, but not so much for Amber. She decided not to talk to her father during dinner. It turns out that was a good idea, considering the grilling Sarah gave Drew about where Seth is and what he's doing before the family football game. Drew assured her he didn't mention her new (soon-to-be-ex) boss/boyfriend.

Boss Baldwin and Adam were going for it like they were really playing the annual NFL thanksgiving game. They didn’t fight it out, but Adam told everyone about the company. Gordon tried (lamely) to explain himself to Sarah, and wants to keep seeing her. Sarah tells Gordon she can’t do it because she works for her brother, who helped her. Here's hoping she doesn't think the new boss is cute.

Amber thanked her grandmother for everything she does, poured her a glass of wine and sent her out of the dirty kitchen. Amber also talked about how she thinks Zeek really does care even if he’s incapable of showing it.

The Braverman siblings also put on Naughty By Nature and start some of the worst dancing I’ve seen in a while, but aside from the questionable dancing, what did you think of this special episode of "Parenthood"?  Overly manufactured for TV, or too close to what you've experienced during the holidays?

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  1. ConfucianSaying

    Great episode! I was expecting Adam to deck Gordon in the face. I think it was priceless to see Kristina's reaction when she saw Haddie making out with Alex 😀

    November 25, 2010 at 9:49 am | Report abuse |
  2. tbird

    I also love this show. I remember getting together with family (as adults), moving the furniture out of the way and dancing our little hearts out. Who cares how anyone is dancing? Parenthood is realistic and shows the good and bad sides of family relationships. Each of us has at least one of these personalities in our family. Makes for good conversation!

    November 24, 2010 at 10:38 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Angela

    I love this show. It shows all the ups and downs of life and parenthood. The dancing was terrible, however made me laugh out loud!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!

    November 24, 2010 at 10:20 pm | Report abuse |
  4. portalpunk

    portalpunk loves cheesy dancing, reminds him of the 80's

    November 24, 2010 at 5:07 pm | Report abuse |
  5. anikitty

    Loved it. I know the dancing was cheesy but it still made me emotional.

    November 24, 2010 at 4:36 pm | Report abuse |

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