Hollywood veterans sign on to 'The Event'
November 15th, 2010
04:55 PM ET

Hollywood veterans sign on to 'The Event'

You may not know the name Bill Smitrovich, but you're probably familiar with his work: He's been in 89 movies and TV shows since 1982, according to IMDB. He's probably best known as the father from the series "Life Goes On," and playing military figures in the hit movies "Independence Day" and "Air Force One."

He's also gotten quite the promotion on NBC's conspiracy thriller series "The Event," playing the vice president to Blair Underwood's President Martinez. On Monday night's episode, he told reporters in a conference call, we find out a lot more about Vice President Jarvis.

"It’s always nice to have your character be revealed in some way, and the depth of that character, because of this episode, will be revealed as well," he said. "But it also sets up great conflicts - inner conflicts - for this character. There are a lot of monsters out there who wear cuff links and get millions of dollars a year and I happen to get caught up in this cesspool of promises from those kinds of people."

One of those monsters on the show is portrayed by Hal Holbrook, whom you may better remember as being nominated for an Oscar for 2007's "Into the Wild." Last week, Holbrook's character Dempsey appeared to be pulling some of the strings in the extremely intricate conspiracy.

"He’s not a very nice man, this guy," Holbrook said. "I mean you begin to see that very clearly in this show on Monday because Dempsey’s character has quite a few scenes. And in one of them he’s got these little vials on his desk and, you know, I mean he’s up to no good in case you haven’t got the idea."

And what about last week's shocker ending, when Leila's kidnapped sister Samantha was taken to a room of disfigured-looking girls? "[Dempsey] has something to do with that room full of little girls, I’m sorry to tell you."

Holbrook said he enjoys playing Dempsey's contrasting personality, like in a scene last week involving some orchids. "This man is very kind to the people that work for him in his house because he has a beautiful house, rich. He’s very kind to the assistants and the cook and everybody, couldn’t be sweeter," he said. "But he can go over to the desk and turn around and order somebody to be wiped out."

Smitrovich also mentioned that the show will have its fall finale on November 29, then return sometime early next year. "I know they’re planning a clip show, a compilation show, to re-launch ['The Event'] and give people a linear view of the show so far," he said.

"I think one reason [for] this hiatus is they want to get past the Super Bowl. We’re on [during] 'Monday Night Football' as well as 'Dancing with the Stars,'" Holbrook added. "You get past 'Monday Night Football' and the Super Bowl, it will give the show a much better shot."

As for any other insights the pair might have on what the "event" is, they said they're only told what happens on an episode-by-episode basis. "It’s kind of fun to play the immediacy of this moment," said Smitrovich.

"I’m just very interested. I’m like a member of the audience," Holbrook explained. "I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to do next."

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    Say, Eddie King really likes "Hollywood Veterans sign on to "The Event"...

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