Looking toward the future on 'Eastbound & Down'
November 8th, 2010
03:45 PM ET

Looking toward the future on 'Eastbound & Down'

To borrow a line from William Shakespeare, all's well that ends well - unless your name is Kenny Powers.

We last left KP and Stevie tying up a few loose ends in Mexico before they headed back home to Shelby, North Carolina. In a nutshell, Stevie got married, KP was offered another shot at the Majors League and he seemed primed for a reunion with the love of his life, April.

For those of you thinking KP would end season two reuniting with the girl of his dreams and setting the world of professional baseball on fire, Chapter 13 hit us with the old reminder that what plays out in the mind of our protagonist is usually a far cry from his actual reality.

Things kick off with KP and Stevie trying to sneak Ms. Janowski, Maria, across the border. In a rare twist of good luck, KP’s “celebrity” gets the fellas out of a sticky situation and they’re off to the States.

Upon his return home, KP visits family and then heads to Jefferson Davis Middle School in search of April. After a rousing cafeteria address during which he tells the students, “Stay in school. Fight the power. And don’t do drugs unless of course you’re doing them with me,” KP’s speech is interrupted by Cutler, who tells him that April no longer works at the school and that he’ll personally take him to her new gig.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s where things got interesting.

Turns out, April is now a real estate agent, and after he burst in on her giving an open house, KP comes to find that she is now pregnant - possibly by her new coworker. April then proceeds to banish KP from her life telling him, “I never ever want to see your face ever again.” Ouch.

Of course, in times of bad news, KP turns to his favorite drug abusing homeboy, Clegg, and the promiscuous Tracey. Tracey’s looseness made a triumphant return with her, “Last time I saw you I had a yeast infection,” line.

KP ends his Clegg-fueled bender by returning back to Dustin’s house, where his brother tells KP to apologize and move on. Though KP refuses to grant April an apology, he decides he must pack up and head to Myrtle Beach even though, as he puts it, “No one loves me and my heart is dead.”

Before leaving town for good, KP heads over to Stevie’s casa, where Maria’s cousins have taken over and married life is starting to take its toll. Stevie begs KP to travel to Myrtle Beach together, but the latter assures him that “It’s better to be strangled by a necklace of Mexicans than to be strangled by no one at all.” Gotta admit, it is pretty tough to see ol’ Flama Blanca so down and out.

After saying goodbye, KP leaves Stevie with his manuscript to deliver to April. Compliments of Maria, April hears the manuscript and is apparently moved by KP’s honesty. April confronts KP at Dustin’s house, where she confesses that he is the father of her child, but is quick to note that she has no interest in being involved with her baby daddy beyond taking care of their child. Fin.

To be perfectly honest, KP and “Eastbound & Down” have been a welcome breath of comedic fresh air, but I find myself asking, where can we go from here? Next season promises to be the last of the series and it will be interesting to see what the writers can do with Poppa Powers.

What did you guys think of season two?

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