Chilean miners inspire book, separate mining reality show on its way
October 14th, 2010
12:09 PM ET

Chilean miners inspire book, separate mining reality show on its way

The rescue of the Chilean miners is truly an inspirational story. In fact, it's already spawned a book, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Jonathan Franklin - a reporter covering the rescue saga for Britain's Guardian newspaper - is set to release the book "33 Men, Buried Alive: The Inside Story of the Trapped Chilean Miners" in the UK in early 2011. In addition, according to Broadcasting & Cable, the miners have been fielding offers for beer commercials and TV interviews, the latter potentially earning the men as much as $20,000.

One thing we know won't be happening, despite reports to the contrary: If there is a movie in the works about the rescue, as some speculate surely can't be far off, it won't be starring Javier Bardem. The actor's rep tells CNN, "There is no truth to this rumor.”

And although a new Spike TV series won't feature Chilean miners, the network has announced that it's ordered up "Coal," a docu-series that chronicles the dangers of working in a West Virginia mine, according to a statement.

The show, which airs in April, will focus on Cobalt Mine co-owners Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, as well as their fellow miners, and cover every aspect of their jobs, including planting explosives.

“Coal mining is an integral part of the American economy and the lifeblood of communities across the U.S. and the world,” said Sharon Levy, Spike TV's executive vice president of original series and animation, in a statement. “This series is going to shine a light on the brave men and women and their families who endure the rigors of this arduous profession.”

Execs at the network told THR that the show has been in development for nearly a year and that their timing is just a coincidence. “It didn’t take a tragedy, and then a miracle, to get us excited about this,” explains Sharon Levy, executive VP of original programming at Spike. “We’ve tapped into something that people are passionate about; this is a topic the world is interested in.”

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