KP searches for answers on 'Eastbound & Down'
October 11th, 2010
03:13 PM ET

KP searches for answers on 'Eastbound & Down'

We’re now about halfway through the second season of “Eastbound and Down,” and right before last night’s third episode I found myself asking the same question you were probably asking yourself: “Is Brooks Conrad currently the worst infielder in Major League Baseball?”

Ok, so that’s actually the question asked by fans here in Atlanta after the Braves game three debacle against San Francisco. Thank goodness for Kenny Powers and his season-and-a-half quest to make it back to MLB taking our minds off everything afoul in the sporting world.

But let's move on. Back in Copales, KP and Stevie were getting used to being roomies (thong wars anyone?) and our star player wasn't so happy with his current PR campaign with the Charros.

KP employed Stevie and Catuey to help in spreading the word about his epic comeback, letting the crew know, “Getting everybody to love me is a full-time job.”

As part of a publicity stunt for the Charros, the team was invited to sign autographs outside of a local grocery store. Here, Vida approached KP - who was struggling to sign pictures without any fans but had fun doodling a few dirty versions of his own - and KP asked Vida out to a party on Sebastian’s yacht.

Meanwhile, Stevie spent some quality time (aka bandage re-wrapping) with Catuey’s sister Maria, who has caught his eye. Despite their language barrier, the two seemed to be crushing on each other hard. Their moment was ruined by the return of Hector and Aaron.

In a hilarious exchange of F-bombs and B-words, Aaron left Stevie with a message that the two men have found Eduardo Sanchez. Apparently, KP has been searching for Sanchez, but we’re not sure why.

At the party, Sebastian and KP were admiring Vida while discussing the great man debate: Chest or backside? Later, KP and Vida make love, and the once devout follower of the chest has a change of heart. We also find out Vida has a son, who shared an awkward exchange with his mom’s new boyfriend.

KP later met with Aaron and Hector, who took his money and gave him a phonebook as opposed to the location of Eduardo Sanchez. Once again, KP is duped by the duo, leaving Stevie to ask why this Sanchez character is so important to his idol.

“I came to Mexico to find answers…I thought maybe Eduardo would hold those answers.”

Hmm, could we have a possible story outside of KP’s undying quest to make it back into the world of professional baseball? We’ve got four episodes left, so chances are that will be answered soon.

Back on the baseball diamond, KP was still striking batters out, but neither the fans nor the opposing team’s players seemed to care. Things only get exciting when KP set off a brawl on the field and becomes anointed by the fans as “La Flama Blanca,” the White Flame.

Our story ends with KP at a carnival with Vida and her son, Tony. KP confessed for the umpteenth time that he’s “damaged goods,” but said he wants the two of them as a part of his life. Apparently, failing to find Eduardo Sanchez has led KP to this conclusion, one Vida doesn’t seem too happy about.

Could KP finally be looking to settle down? What do you think of the season so far?

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  1. chris

    Eduardo Sanchez is Kenny's father, played by none other than Don Johnson

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