Trailer Park gets gritty with Coen brothers' latest
October 4th, 2010
01:58 PM ET

Trailer Park gets gritty with Coen brothers' latest

The Oscar-winning Coen brothers, who were behind the acclaimed “No Country for Old Men,” are back with another dusty thriller, "True Grit."

Joel and Ethan Coen directed an all-star cast - including Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld - in the revenge tale of a 14-year-old girl determined to capture her father’s killer.

“True Grit” releases in theaters on Christmas Day, and incidentally, Bridges’ long awaited “Tron Legacy” hits theaters just days earlier on December 17th. Looks like he’ll be racing himself for box office gold!

There was a time when a blue light shining in the distance meant you might be leaving K-Mart with a good bargain in your bag. But if things are left to the folks at Universal Pictures, a blue light in the distance will now spark fear in the hearts of the masses - and with a little luck, drive those same masses into theater seats to catch a glimpse of their latest alien invasion flick, “Skyline.”

In the action/horror/sci-fi adventure, strange lights descend upon the city of Los Angeles, drawing its unsuspecting residents out of their homes and into a heap of pain and danger. Soon enough, the entire world’s population is at risk. Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson and David Zayas star in the film, which flies into theaters November 12.

Heads up “Glee” fans – everyone’s favorite post-pregnancy teenager and newly re-anointed captain of the Cheerios, Dianna Agron, is moving her act to the big screen in the sci-fi thriller, “I Am Number Four.”

The film centers on a mysterious teenager with special powers who has had to mask his true identity because a deadly enemy has already killed three individuals like him. While it is based on a novel, fans might be surprised to learn that the action movie isn't part of a comic book or video game franchise. But, if it finds gold at the box office, that might just change. “Number Four” hits theaters next February.

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  1. sandyi

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  2. khocolatemoose

    Looks as though we have some interesting films to look forward to, particularly True Grit and Tron Legacy. That's a relief because the last couple of weeks have been a bit painful for cinema goers.

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  3. Jay the Athiest

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