The return of Stevie on 'Eastbound & Down'
October 4th, 2010
04:22 PM ET

The return of Stevie on 'Eastbound & Down'

“Welcome to the resistance,” Stevie Janowski!

Yes, that’s right. Last night’s episode brought the return of Kenny Power’s most trusted sidekick, fan and man servant, Stevie. But before we get to that, let’s address an issue a few folks seem to be having with “Eastbound & Down” since last week’s premiere.

In the past seven days I’ve had the pleasure of chatting up a few devout followers of the KP gospel about their hopes for season two and their immediate reactions to last week’s first episode. The general consensus came down to two crucial elements: One, a Stevie-KP reunion was a must, and two, more obvious, laugh-out-loud hilarity was due.

Let’s just say, “Chapter 8: Joining a New Team” brought fans a good mix of both.

Stevie’s raunchy reintroduction, where he’s questioning a prostitute in El Paso, Texas about Kenny’s whereabouts (and sexual prowess), was equal parts funny and creepy, but we’re happy see him back in play.

Back in Copales, KP is at his first Charros pratice, gearing up for his big comeback game in a few days. It’s obvious he hasn’t kicked his drug habit, but on the field KP seems to have his groove back, and that’s when he’s summoned to the mansion of the team’s owner Sebastian Cisneros, played perfectly by the underrated Michael Pena.

Sebastian gives KP a quick break down of how he acquired his wealth: “I killed my mother; its OK.” Both men find that they have a penchant for power, fame and “racism,” and Sebastian seems naively enthused by KP’s faux aura. Sebastian agrees to launch an epic promo campaign for KP’s return to the mound with the Charros.

KP later arrives home to find Stevie waiting and, startled, he shoots him in the leg. At last, the two men are reunited. Thanks to Catuey’s sister, Maria, Stevie is nursed back to health and takes the liberty of listening to KP’s new manuscript.

KP - already weirded out by the collection of artifacts he finds in Stevie’s bag (got to love the cell phone pictures) – asks how in the world his best friend/stalker was able to track him down. Stevie explains that thanks to the $23,000 KP racked up on his credit card, he was able to find him via the purchases. As Stevie put it, “You were leaving bread crumbs.”

Stevie reminds KP of home, which bothers him. He asks about April and how she’s dealing with being left on the side of the road. Stevie drops the bomb that April ended up marrying Cutler, telling KP, “You don’t need her.”

KP figures he no longer needs Stevie either. After crossing paths with Vida, KP admits that he’s heartbroken and confesses that he lied about his identity. Vida tells KP to take care of Stevie, who is throwing up after a night of heavy drinking at a strip club. KP looks after Stevie in the only way he knows how - by dropping him off in a truck full of Mexican immigrants headed for the U.S. border.

On game night, KP is nowhere to be found. The Charros’ head coach, Roger, finds his star in the locker room “feeling wounded” over the news of April. KP says he only wanted to stage his latest comeback in effort to get her back (really? Kenny Powers is a sucker for love?).

Eventually KP makes his debut, but even after his hilarious player introduction and great showing, no one in the crowd seems to care. After the game, Stevie – who somehow makes his way back to Copales, begging to be a part of the Mexican adventure even after being told he is not wanted - greets a dejected KP. If he agrees to do KP’s laundry and watch his back, Stevie is allowed to stay. Looks like with the return of Aaron and Hector next week, Stevie will be getting to work in a hurry.

What do you guys think of season two thus far?

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