Theories on 'The Event' abound
September 21st, 2010
06:57 PM ET

Theories on 'The Event' abound

"'The Event' was what would happen if you took some '24,' 'Flash Forward,' and 'Lost' and placed it in a blender. The result so far looks to be a hot mess."

So said iReporter Harry Crosland after watching Monday night's premiere of the much-anticipated "The Event." Approximately 10.8 million viewers watched it with him, and hundreds of those viewers weighed in with their thoughts about the conspiracy thriller - which included an airplane being chased down by an SUV, mysterious detainees and that same plane getting sucked into a vortex - right here on the Marquee Blog.

Not unlike what Crosland had to say, there was a lot of criticism - for example, "Jack" really didn't like the structure of the pilot: "With all the back and forth and then back again I felt like I was taking an online test and had to be glued to the TV in order to figure out what was going on. Way too much happening and nothing resolved."

"Ralph T" disagreed: "The story was a bit hard to follow at first, but when I stopped worrying about understanding it and just went with the flow things started coming together. It's a terrific ride! I look forward to every episode!"

Theories as to what was happening abound, like this one: "Seemed to me it was a show about time travel. There were differences in the shots of the president running to his cavalcade [and] the last one had him stopping and noticing changes. The wind was from a wormhole being opened. The people in the prison were time travelers from the future being kept locked away so as not to influence events and/or to allow only the government access to what they know."

Another one, from "John:" "My guess, the detainees (did someone say 'the others?') are either super smart scientists who are too dangerous to leave alone out in the world out of fear that they will be taken and used by a hostile country to create WMDs, time travelers, or they are aliens (not alternate universe due to that being taken by 'Fringe')."

"Carlos" had the most unique theory of all: "This sounding board IS The Ev3nt!"

Any more thoughts or theories? Post your comment below, or share an iReport.

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