Behind the Scenes on 'Showbiz Tonight': Is Steven Slater a fraud?
August 17th, 2010
02:12 PM ET

Behind the Scenes on 'Showbiz Tonight': Is Steven Slater a fraud?

Today in the "Showbiz Tonight" morning meeting, the entire staff couldn’t stop talking about that fed-up flight attendant, Steven Slater, since it looks like the guy is going to Hollywood and getting his own reality show.

But Slater's also at the center of a lot of controversy today, with some people saying this guy is a fake. Slater burst into the news last week when he announced on a JetBlue flight that he was so over his frustrating job, grabbed a couple of beers and activated the emergency chute.

He quit his job on the spot and became an instant hero for every disgruntled employee in America - but his story just might be a big ol’ farce.

Now many passengers on that flight are speaking out and saying they never saw Slater do any of those things. "Showbiz" Senior Writer Rob Melstein wasn’t buying the flight attendant’s shtick, saying this morning, “Every day that goes on, I believe this guy less and less.” What do you think? Is Slater a fraud? Would you watch his new reality show? We’re duking it out in a debate today on "Showbiz Tonight."

Kim Kardashian is also a hot topic today, since she said she doesn’t need to be stick skinny to be sexy. She told Allure magazine that she loves her curves and that’s all there is to it. "Showbiz Tonight" producer Sandra Lee raised her eyebrows at that revelation saying, “I’m glad she’s proud of her full figure, now that she’s lost 20 pounds with her new diet pill products.” Which is true - Kardashian does have a full line of diet products called QuickTrim! So is Kim the queen of double standards or is she actually a positive role model? We’ll have more on "Showbiz Tonight."

We're also covering some sad news today – Hollywood acting legend Michael Douglas discovered that he has a tumor in his throat and will be undergoing eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Today we’ll have the very latest on Douglas’ condition and new insight into his brave battle.

What do you think about any of these stories? Post here and send us your "Showbiz" iReport videos. We’ll try to work some of your comments into the show…

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  1. JobsDirectUSA

    A video tribute to the top "job quitters" of all-time ->

    August 17, 2010 at 9:00 pm | Report abuse |
  2. Cheryl

    I was in the airline business for 30 years. Your coverage and calling Flight Attendant Slater names is really amazing. What about the passenger who started this? Of course they will not come forward and say they did anything. The FAA would prosecute them.... There are so many instances on every flight that flight attendants have to deal with...oh yes I know you are saying that is your job. we are human after all....After 25 years, I wonder how flight attendants can continue in the job....going from 15 flight attendants to 8 on the large aircrafts to deal with over 300 passengers. Almost all flights are staffed with minimum staffing. What used to be an easy career and a fun job has become a hassle all day long...Yes, there are mostly wonderful people flying however, on a 15 hour day, the 15th disturbing passenger times that by 25 years. He simply lost it ....I do not agree with the way he left the aircraft however, I can understand his frustration. Overhead luggage is a real problem as there simply are to many passengers bringing on super large suitcases...I could go on and on but I won't bore you since you seem one sided on this subject. Passengers seem to think that Flight Attendants are responsible for all the problems they may have encounted along there way that day. The first thing the public needs to remember, there are rules which must be enforced to keep everyone safe.......Wish your reporters would do some real research into just what a flight attendant deals with.......

    August 17, 2010 at 5:23 pm | Report abuse |

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