July 7th, 2010
06:36 PM ET

Jake and Vienna: Breaking it down so it will forever be broke

You all had a lot to say about this train wreck of a break-up, and we’ve noticed that you feel much the same way we do about this seemingly never-ending saga: someone needs to put the kibosh on it, already.

And so, in an attempt to let all of you get out of your systems any last, lingering emotions about whether or not Jake Pavelka is gay and if Vienna was truly crying or was just vying for an Emmy, we’ve rounded up a few reactions, most notable being that someone should start making Team Vienna t-shirts, because that person would likely make a fortune.

“Even if you are someone who never liked Vienna, the chatter among most people is, like her or not, people believe Vienna,” points out Showbiz Tonight’s Anisa Husain. “Unlike Jake, Vienna is not an actor and she let it all out which in turn changed a lot of people’s minds. People say they are able to sympathize with Vienna because most have, unfortunately, been there, done that, and know what it feels like to be treated like a dog.”


July 7th, 2010
06:35 PM ET

Behind the Scenes at 'Showbiz Tonight': Does Lohan's punishment fit the crime?

The "Showbiz Tonight" staff was teeming with burning questions in the morning meeting today after Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail, but here's the big one: Does she deserve 90 days in jail for what she did?

Some are saying Lindsay was treated unfairly, but a few of us at “Showbiz Tonight” think the judge was completely fair.  As producer Sid Lipsey put it, “This wasn’t about [Lohan's] SCRAM bracelet or her substance abuse issues, this is about her blowing off classes, going off to Cannes and everything else!”

Her crying game didn’t help, either,  “Showbiz Tonight” Executive Producer David Levine pointed out, since she never took responsibility for her actions.


July 7th, 2010
06:33 PM ET

Fergie: I'm both the Madonna and the whore

Back with the Black Eyed Peas after her solo stint, Fergie is as hot as ever. B.E.P.  is currently on a worldwide tour - and recently performed at the World Cup opening ceremony - but the 35-year-old singer still hasn’t run out of steam with her crazy schedule.

"I’d love to have structure in my life but it doesn’t always work out like that,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “I’d decided to take time off, but then I got the offer for ‘Nine,’ and I’d have regretted turning that down for the rest of my life. So I learned to fly by the seat of my pants."

When the singer-turned-actress signed on for a supporting role in the film, she had to gain a few pounds for the part – and it was a change her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, didn’t seem to mind.


July 7th, 2010
05:45 PM ET

Betty White: 'America's newest pin-up girl'

The only thing better than watching Betty White on the big screen – scratch that, on any screen – is getting to stare at her smiling face all year long for one low payment of $12.99.

In addition to having her own TV show and a fan club the size of a small country, the 88-year-old superstar now has her own 2011 calendar.

The publishing company behind the calendar is calling White “America’s newest pin-up girl.” Swimsuit models were so last year, anyway.

All proceeds from The Betty White Calendar, which will go on sale in September, will benefit the Denver, Colorado, Morris Animal Foundation.

Will you buy 12-months of the Golden Girl?

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July 7th, 2010
04:02 PM ET

'Mad Men,' now starring you - or Barack Obama

Fans who can’t get enough of the retro drama on AMC’s “Mad Men” can now be a part of it.

Digital entertainment studio JibJab has created “Mad Men Starring Yourself,” a groovy, customizable video short that lets show fanatics appear alongside – or even portray - some of the show's staple characters, like Don and Betty Draper, Joan Harris and ad exec Roger Sterling.

By uploading a few head shots, “Mad Men” devotees can create a mini film that recaps the show’s first three seasons and gets them geared up for the July 25 season 4 premiere. Even those who've have yet to get caught up in AMC's addictive series can enjoy it - JibJab also offers the option to have notables like President Barack Obama star as "Mad Men" characters.

It sounds ridiculous, but trust us, it's a supremely amusing time suck. The best part: Wearing those vintage ‘60s fashions won’t cost you a penny.

July 7th, 2010
03:28 PM ET

Ringo Starr spreads 'peace and love' on 70th birthday

Ringo Starr has a lot to celebrate. He has a new CD - "Live at the Greek Theatre 2008" - out July 27th, he's embarked on a new tour with his all-star band and the former Beatle celebrates his 70th birthday today.

When it comes to modern day musicians, Starr said he supports them all. "It could be Megadeth or Lady Gaga, and Elton John thrown in the middle, it's what we do," the music icon said.

Clearly, the music industry is vastly different today, with some musicians stumbling upon "instant success." Starr, on the other hand, joined bands, worked his butt off, "lived" in clubs and ended up in "the greatest band in the land."  But, he said, modern technology like the Internet prevents musicians from having to go "crawling to record companies."


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