June 9th, 2010
01:26 PM ET

Behind the Scenes on 'Showbiz Tonight': Lohan-o-rama

There's so much big news breaking this Wednesday here at "Showbiz Tonight" we hardly know where to begin!

So let's start with...Lindsay Lohan! And her big "jail break,” so to speak. Can you believe she beat jail again? Her alcohol monitoring bracelet (it’s called a "SCRAM" bracelet) goes off, and you'd think the judge would tell HER to "scram" and toss her in jail for violating her probation! But nooooo... Lindsay gets to post bail, again. What's the deal with that? We're speaking today with her father Michael Lohan, in the interview you'll see only on "Showbiz Tonight." 

On to the brand new Gary Coleman death mysteries today. His ex-wife, Shannon Price, still isn't saying if she sold out her ex and sold deathbed photos of him to a tabloid. But that tabloid published one of them today and guess who's in the photo? Shannon herself!  Add to that Gary's former “Diff’rent Strokes” co-star Todd Bridges claiming today Gary had a secret stash of money! Can this get any stranger? 

Moving on to more pleasant things, we've got remarkable new details today about Sandra Bullock's new life minus her cheating hubby. And why is Tori Spelling saying she is afraid HER husband will cheat on her? Wait a second, Tori… didn't he cheat on his previous wife to hook up with YOU? 

We also got our first look today at photos from the sex tape made by "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub, and now one of her co-stars is calling for Danielle to leave the show and go work in porn!

So as you can see, we’ve got a BIG variety of stuff going on today at Showbiz Tonight…

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  1. Mx. Bluegrass

    She has escaped jail too many times, and there is too much leniency for actors. Put her in jail!

    June 9, 2010 at 11:41 pm | Report abuse |

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