June 8th, 2010
10:23 AM ET

'The Bachelorette': The contestant who has two faces

Last night on “The Bachelorette,” Chris told the 14 remaining contestants that, for a second week, there will be one group date and two individual dates.

Roberto got the first individual date, and Ali put on her best “Flashdance” blouse for the occasion. Ali, who reminded us once again that she’s afraid of flying, took Roberto on a helicopter ride to the top of a random skyscraper. The two had dinner plans, but since it was located on top of a neighboring skyscraper, they had to walk across a tightrope to get there.

As Ali and Roberto kiss on the tightrope from about 20 stories up, Ali said she’s never had a first kiss like that before - true, most people don’t kiss on tightropes. After changing into dress clothes (where’d the extra clothes come from?) and having dinner, Ali, who appeared to be exposing her bra strap, gave Roberto a rose, so he’s safe.

On to the group date, where the men were taken to what one of them described as a “sketchy looking” area of the city. Ali introduced them to the Barenaked Ladies, who apparently never got that $1 million they sang about a while back. The band was making a music video for their new single, which (of course) starred Ali and the contestants.

The video is basically shots of Ali interacting with the men in various places. She slapped Frank nine times by the pool, and engaged with Jonathan the weatherman in a library setting. Jonathan admitted he was nervous about this scene, but at least he didn’t have to wear a bathing suit this time around.

Ali ended up giving Kirk the rose after the two filmed a scene in bed. Yeah, that would do it.

Back at the manor, Justin the wrestler said he needed one-on-one time with Ali in order to stay on the show (what?). So he did what most people on crutches do - he hobbled his way from the manor to Ali’s house, trying to avoid the vultures that appeared to be added in post-production. Justin surprised Ali as she taped a segment about her upcoming one-on-one date with Hunter, and the two went inside.

Justin presented Ali with some photos to show what he’s truly like. Ali said she appreciated Justin’s intentions, and drove him back to the manor. We should note that, throughout all this, the other men were apparently clueless as to what was going on. Maybe the show has a “don’t look out the window” policy, or they were practicing their earthquake drills. (Yeah, I’m really stretching here.)

Ali then has her one-on-one date with Hunter at her place and, well, it didn't turn out the way he was hoping it would. Ali told Hunter he'd make a good friend, but not a husband, so no rose for him.

At the cocktail party, Ty said Justin is two-faced, a “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde,” since what he sees of Justin in the manor is not what Ali sees. John C. then announced he has something to say, but he never says it. Okay…

Ali also let Roberto in on what Justin did. Roberto, who promised two episodes ago to “stay out of the drama,” demonstrates he’d make a great politician by telling the other men what Justin did. The men approach Justin, who owned up to his actions. This is what the wrestling community calls a “heel turn” for Justin. Surprisingly, no one challenged Justin to a cage match afterward.

At the rose ceremony, Ali opted to keep Justin and kick Steve and John C. to the curb. John C. finally had something to say at the end: he wasn't happy with his elimination.

Next week, Ali and the contestants begin their around-the-world excursion, and take in a Broadway show.

What did you think of last night’s “Bachelorette” episode?

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