May 31st, 2010
09:06 AM ET

Trailer Park: Michael Cera's makeover, 'Megamind' and ferocious felines

Now that TV favorites like “Lost” and “American Idol” have either found their way to boob tube heaven or are hibernating for the summer, more and more entertainment buffs like myself will be headed to the cool crisp air of their local movie house to chill out and escape in front of a bigger screen. And, with all those summer movies comes a whole new roster of movie trailers!

If you’ve always wanted to see actor Michael Cera transform from awkward, impish and easily intimidated in to a total action hero, his next film, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” might be just the comedy for you.

In order to date the girl who has piqued his romantic interest, Scott (Cera) must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Scott’s new foes range from infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars. The movie also stars a bevy of hot young talent including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Alison Pill, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman and recent Academy Award nominee, Anna Kendrick. The movie opens August 13.

While DreamWorks Animation is still collecting green on their final installment of “Shrek,” don’t be surprised if junior starts begging you to see the studio’s next big-budget cartoon, “Megamind.”

Will Ferrell lends his voice to the title character who is the world’s most ingenious, but least successful, supervillain. Also showing up in their sweatpants for voice-over work are Tina Fey, Johan Hill and international superstar, Brad Pitt. Pitt plays the Megamind’s ultimate arch-nemesis, Metro Man. The family-friendly flick opens nationwide in November.

On the heels of this year’s Disney Nature feature, “Oceans,” the feel-good and ecologically-aware arm of the Mouse House will bring fans “African Cats.” While the movie doesn’t hit theaters until Earth Day 2011, (“Oceans” opened on Earth Day this year) the new trailer is already out and anyone who appreciates sweeping scenic shots of the Serengeti or loves getting up close and personal with some of the planet’s fiercest felines will likely be pleased.

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