May 5th, 2010
10:04 PM ET

Are you stunned by the new 'Idol' Top 4?

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SPOILER ALERT!!! Tonight's blog entry will reveal the contestant being sent home from "American Idol." Don't read any further if you don't want to know the results.

I am officially bummed out.

No way Aaron Kelly should have gone home tonight. He wasn't the best, but goodness knows he wasn't the worst. And by the worst, I mean he wasn't Casey James.

Casey is a cutie, but based on performance, he should have totally been on his way.

What do you think happened? Did a cutie face trump a baby face?

Let us know. And don't forget to head over to iReport to post a video of your questions for Aaron Kelly.

May 5th, 2010
09:09 PM ET

'Idol' Top 5: Find out who is going home

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SPOILER ALERT!!! Tonight's blog entry will reveal the contestant being sent home from "American Idol." Don't read any further if you don't want to know the results.

9:55 p.m. – The results are in and the person leaving tonight is ...

Aaron Kelly!

I am freaking out right about now. I can't even believe it.

I love that "Big Mike" takes some time to share some words with him. This is so wrong on so many levels.

9:48 p.m. – The lights dim, and MamaSox has to start a group over by the piano. Oh these wicked games!

"Big Mike" is next, and he has to start a group in another part of the stage. Seacrest has Aaron Kelly stand and he has to go to "Big Mike's" "group." That leaves Casey James to go and stand with MamaSox.

Seacrest tries to get Lee to choose. Come on, you know he is not going to do it!

And the bottom two are....

"Big Mike" and Aaron!

What?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?

9:32 p.m. – Harry Connick Jr. is hysterical!

I love that he called the judges out for their overuse of "pitchy." He looks super serious when he's singing "And I Love Her."

He is such a throwback to the cool cats. Harry is definitely the heir apparent to Sinatra.

But what a strange flow to go from Gaga to Harry. The audience seems to be digging it though.

He totally takes over the stage, and if I was Seacrest, I would be a little nervous right about now cause this dude could easily come on, host, mentor, judge, arrange and lead the band.

The Top 5 sing a melody of Harry's songs, and they sound great. If Casey had sung like this last night, I wouldn't be predicting his ouster tonight.

9:22 p.m. – Yay Lady Gaga!

She's rocking the haute couture beekeeper/sex kitten look. After giving us a little taste of "Bad Romance," she launches into "Alejandro." Is it me, or is this an updated "La Isla Bonita?"

Gaga's dancers even look like Madonna's back-up crew. It's like she's Madge's kid paying homage.

9:15 p.m. – We jump right into the results after we hear from "Big Mike" Lynche and Casey James as to how they feel about Wednesdays.

First up on the hot seat is Lee, who says "you know" quite a bit. Poor nervous dude.

I don't buy for a minute that Simon doesn't like to watch himself on TV. He loves it! I agree with his remarks about Lee's new-found confidence.

Lee is safe and takes his on the stool of success. He looks kind of freaked out.

9:09 p.m. – Everyone does look lovely in their Rat Pack gear.

Hey, there is a mention that Lee DeWyze worked at a paint store. Wow, is this some type of drinking game or something?

I like the backstage look at what the contestants have to deal with on Tuesdays. Where in the world did they find those stand-in judges? That was hilarious!

9:02 p.m. – I like the little Sinatra medley.

Poor Crystal "MamaSox" Bowersox has to carry on solo for the ladies. Way to represent for the ladies, MamaSox – even if you are lip synching.

Seacrest interviewed Harry Connick Jr. as the "guest mentor and band leader." I could very easily get used to hearing the second half of that description.

May 5th, 2010
09:01 PM ET

'Idol' Top 5 elimination under way

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testing captions

I am not even going to pretend I am not in it for Lady Gaga tonight.

Ever since I heard she was going to perform, I have been pumped.

We just started with the opening, and it's clear that "Idol" loves some Harry Connick Jr.

I'm thinking they might want to consider him to fill Simon Cowell's chair when he leaves, maybe.

Let's roll.

May 5th, 2010
04:41 PM ET

Going Gaga for 'American Idol'

Two words for Wednesday night on “American Idol": Lady Gaga!

The singer/songwriter will be performing during the results show, and I can’t wait! Tuesday night was pretty impressive as the Top 5 took on the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Watch a critique of the performance show:


May 5th, 2010
01:43 PM ET

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart reveal daughter in Us Weekly

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart on US Weekly

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are ready to show their new baby girl off to the world, and they apparently don’t need to wear clothes while they do it.

A shirtless Dane poses with their 2-month-old daughter Billie Beatrice Dane on the cover of Us Weekly with Gayheart standing right behind him, gazing down at the baby she gave birth to on March 3.

“She’s beautiful,” Dane told the magazine. “When she came out, she was really alert and her eyes were open. The doctor gave her to her mom, and I was so ... you know, I was obviously very emotional."


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May 5th, 2010
12:59 PM ET

'Breaking Dawn' gets a release date

Breaking Dawn book coverThe fourth installment of the “Twilight” saga, “Breaking Dawn,” is set to rise on November 18, 2011, Summit Entertainment has announced.

Now that you’ve marked all of your calendars and have started a countdown clock, there’s still one remaining question: will “Breaking Dawn” be kept as one film, or be split into two? The book itself is massive and the rumors of Summit trying to stretch out their vampire/werewolf goldmine have been floating around since last December, so the possibility of two films isn’t inconceivable.

But, Summit isn’t saying. Whatever this release may be – the end of “Twilight” or just the beginning of the end – we do know it will be more than a year without a “Twilight” film after “Eclipse” arrives in theaters June 30. What will the Twi-hards do with all of that time?

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