March 23rd, 2010
10:08 PM ET

Did the Top 11 do the No. 1s justice?

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The word of the night – let's all say it together – was "pitchy."

With such a great catalogue of hits available via the Billboard No. 1 songs, I am baffled by the contestants' choices tonight. I mean, some of these songs weren't even all that great when they were current.

What did you think? Was tonight hot – or not?

March 23rd, 2010
08:16 PM ET

'Idol's' Top 11 takes to the stage

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9:52 p.m. – Note to Siobhan Magnus: lose those big glasses, sweetie.

I feel like she transforms every week from Geek Girl to Funky Woman from rehearsal to performance. And I don't get the hair this week.

And can we have one performance without the screech? She has a good voice and yet I am always ready to pop my fingers in my ears. I DO NOT understand why anyone thinks that note at the end is so fantabulous (that's fantastic plus fabulous, BTW).

Oh, well.

9:42 p.m. – Of course you should be nervous, Didi Benami. Millions of people are watching.

Didi picked Linda Ronstadt's version of "You're No Good" and I'll give it to Didi for trying to work the attitude. It was still a weird choice.

Why is everyone going for these songs that are probably older than their parents?

9:33 p.m. – Are we to believe that Casey James just realized that he is on "American Idol?"

And did Miley's denim shorts get shorter when she mentored Casey? Hmmmmm.

"Power of Love" could have been a crazy cornball song choice. But somehow Casey made it work for him.

He funked it up a bit and it came across somewhat bluesy. Almost like a baby Bob Seger.

Huey Lewis would be proud.

9:21 p.m. – I have probably said this before but Katie Stevens reminds me of singer JoJo in her look and sound.

I liked her singing Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry." The only thing she was lacking was real passion. She just didn't seem like she was connecting with the tune. That could be because she is only 17.

At this point, my expectations are so lowered that as long as people don't come on and pass out on stage, I will probably give them a pass.

9:12 p.m. – Andrew Garcia got all flustered because of Miley. Who knew she had that effect?

It must have spilled over because his "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" was stiff, stilted and a mess.

And did he moonwalk? Come on dude!

They flash on Miley in the audience and she looks like "OMG, this dude is crashing and burning." Or perhaps I am just projecting.

Why old soul music Andrew? Have you lost your mind?

9:01 p.m. –Big Mike Lynche: please stop picking everyone up.

I think I am just going to start referring to Mike as "Big Sexy" because my word! He was courting me with his version of "When A Man Loves A Woman." The judges seemed split on the performance.

He looked really good to me and the song was tight. It was just so manly, smooth, sensual and...let me stop before I get myself in trouble here.

I'll just say he had me saying "My, my, my, my, my, my, my."

8:50 p.m. – MamaSox and Janis Joplin. Sure ya right.

Her version of "Me and Bobbie McGee" was borderline perfect. Crystal Bowersox is so running away with this show this season.

Ellen thinks she is being "stoic" in her performance, but I think she is just doing the darn thing. She may be planning to put the guitar down next week and I can't wait to see that.

Seriously, she could sing standing on her head and still rock the house. Keep on keeping on MamaSox!

8:43 p.m. – It is so cute to watch Miley Cyrus and Aaron Kelly. He should totally ask her to prom.

He doesn't sound bad given the fact that he is sick. If anything, it made his voice sound more mature.

Don't get me wrong: His "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" was far from awesome. But, the thing about Aaron is that he is so earnest you can't help but love this kid. Plus, coming after Tim and Paige this dude was incredible.

That's clearly the key to this season. Try to position yourself after someone who sucks more than you do.

And oh no - Ryan didn't go there and call him David Archuleta!

8:32 p.m. – Four words that make me want to run for the hills? Tim Urban and Queen.

Miley couldn't keep her hands off the kid and gave him a hug during his rehearsal of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Let's be honest, the kid has a suga-face and he is all types of adorable.

I was slightly distracted from his singing by his running around the stage and perhaps that was the idea? It wasn't nearly as bad as Pitchy Paige, but even throwing in a little bit of Elvis didn't help.

I'm so bored. Kara is right that the little girls will love it and they are the ones with their fingers ready to text in votes as we speak.

8:20 p.m. – Paige Miles read my hubby's mind by choosing Phil Collins' "Against All Odds."

And how must it feel to have Miley Cyrus call you pitchy? Ouch.

This performance, arrangement, sound, everything was so off. Paige was all over the place with the tone. The countless songs she could have picked - songs that would have showed off her voice - almost anything would have been so much better.

It was super messed up. You know you are messed up when Ellen won't even comment.

And I was Team Paige initially. Dang.

8:07 p.m. – Miley is introduced as a "pop princess." I guess?

She looks like she could be a contestant this season. She is very poised for a 17-year-old. She said the voices this season blew her away. Really?

Lee Dewyze is up first and Miley is really focused on his performance. I think she is spot-on with what she says about his lack of stage presence. He performs "The Letter" and he reminds me a bit of a young Billy Joel for some reason.

I thought he was hot, but Simon didn't. And Kara needs to give Simon a poke for calling her "missy." How rude.

March 23rd, 2010
08:02 PM ET

Top 11 better be heaven for 'Idol'

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I'm not sure that when I think "singing," Miley Cyrus comes to mind.

Given the lackluster talent this season, Cyrus is definitely an interesting choice for the first guest mentor spot. Unfortunately the music industry is more about the flash than the actual chops.

The judges just stepped out, and is it me or is Randy looking much bigger these days? Randy says this is a "big night" and I will resist the urge to be snarky.

Ryan looks excited. Here we go.

March 23rd, 2010
04:32 PM ET

What a mix: The 'Idol' 11 and Miley Cyrus

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"American Idol's" theme this week is Billboard No. 1 hits, and the show's guest mentor knows a little something about that designation.

Miley Cyrus will be kicking it with the “Idol” Top 11 on Tuesday night as she helps to give the group some instruction and direction. Given that she is younger than almost all of the contestants, this should be ... interesting.

According to a press release from Fox, Cyrus is the “youngest-ever multi-platinum artist to have four No. 1 albums in less than three years.”


March 23rd, 2010
04:15 PM ET

Yet another gig in play for Paula Abdul?

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Round and round she goes, where Paula Abdul will land, no one knows.

According to, the former “American Idol” judge is reportedly in talks with NBC for “dance-themed series” to be helmed by choreographer Kenny Ortega.

The pair share a connection of sorts: Abdul used to be choreographer for Janet Jackson when the singer first hit it big, and Ortega was creative director of choreography for Michael Jackson’s ill-fated This Is It Tour.


March 23rd, 2010
11:09 AM ET

Carrie Underwood has lost one of her own

Country star Carrie Underwood has suffered a tragedy.

On Saturday, a truck driver carrying stage equipment for the singer's "Play On" tour was killed in a fiery crash on I-95 in Connecticut around 8 a.m., according to the Hartford Courant newspaper.

“This accident has brought much sadness to everyone on the road," said tour manager Geoff Donkin on behalf of Underwood and the entire band and crew on the tour. “We’ve lost one of us and we are all truly thinking of his family. No one ever expects anything like this to happen on tour.”


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