March 18th, 2010
05:11 PM ET

Jesse James apologizes to family

As reports of trouble in his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock grow, the following statement was given to CNN Entertainment/Showbiz Tonight by Monique Huey-Jones, publicist for Jesse James: 

Statement from Jesse James

"The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded.  Beyond that, I will not dignify these private matters with any further public comment.  There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.  This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them.  I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

March 18th, 2010
02:16 PM ET

'Eat, Pray, Love' trailer hits the Web

Julia Roberts

The trailer for Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" has arrived months before its August 13 release date, and it offers a tasty tidbit of what fans of the book - and fans of Julia Roberts - can expect.

Judging from the clip, the adaptation stays pretty close to the text - Roberts' marriage ends and she sets off on a year-long journey to Italy, India and Bali because she "wants to go someplace where she can marvel at something," seeing that she'd spent the majority of her life either getting into a relationship or getting out of one. Or, in other words, she wanted to have a relationship with pizza - for once - instead.

The last time we saw Roberts in a lead role, it was opposite Clive Owen in the 2009's romantic caper  "Duplicity," which didn't do all that well with critics or in theaters. With the nearly endless hype surrounding Gilbert's recount of her travels, it's practically a guarantee at this point that Roberts won't be attached to another dud.

Starring alongside Roberts is Javier Bardem, James Franco and Billy Crudup.

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March 18th, 2010
12:03 PM ET

Miley Cyrus: I'm a little screwed up in the mind

Teen girls - already misunderstood by plenty of adults - are just as baffling to 17-year-old pop culture mega-star Miley Cyrus.

"I am screwed up in the mind a little bit because I’m not like other 16- or 17-year-old girls," Cyrus said in a recent interview in Parade. "I have no perspective of who exactly my fans are, to tell you the truth. Teenage girls in general are hard for me. I’m not a girl’s girl."

And despite the fact that she got her start in TV, Cyrus isn't a fan of parking in front of the tube - except for RuPaul's "Drag Race," which she can't get enough of. "I love me some RuPaul. I love RuPaul’s motto. It goes something like, ‘A real lady is never bitchy, a real lady is sassy,' " Cyrus said.


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March 18th, 2010
11:20 AM ET

Alex Chilton: An appreciation

testing captions
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“Everywhere I go, there are all these Big Star freaks, and they’re nice little guys who are usually in college, and they’re kind of lonely and misunderstood, learning to play guitar.”
– Alex Chilton, Pulse!, June 1992

This is how Alex Chilton, who died Wednesday, described the people who kept Big Star from being forgotten, before he re-formed the band with drummer Jody Stephens, before they put out another live recording as well as another album of new material.  People like me, I suppose, who own all three of the original Big Star albums on both vinyl and CD.

Brian Eno is credited with the observation that just 5,000 people bought a Velvet Underground album, but every one of them started a band. The same could easily be said about Big Star, and with much greater validity.  Their songs have been covered over the last 30 years by everyone from Elliott Smith to Wilco to the Bangles to a number of lesser-known artists.


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March 18th, 2010
10:05 AM ET

'South Park' takes on Tiger Woods

Fourteen seasons in, when most shows would have run out of steam, "South Park" continues to be one of the most topical shows on TV. Wednesday night's season premiere was yet another example of that, as creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took aim at Tiger Woods, David Letterman and the spate of recent sex scandals.

For starters, it was pretty brilliant for the "South Park" version of the Woods scandal, up to and including this week's announcement that he's returning to golf, to be included as part of a golfing video game (don't forget the secret game controller code for a "Prenup Power-up!").

Later, when Kyle and Butters were found to have caught the sex addiction disease, via a very scientific test asking "What color was the handkerchief?", they were placed in rehab with Woods, Letterman, Charlie Sheen and former President Clinton. The most important thing they learned, of course, was to avoid getting caught. FULL POST

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