December 9th, 2009
08:11 PM ET

Weezer front man still hospitalized, but feeling better

testing captions
testing captions

Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo is on the road to recovery.

The singer remains hospitalized after a tour bus crash over the weekend, but is up and walking, according to the band’s official website.

“Yesterday Rivers finally made it onto his feet for the first time since the crash, going on two hospital hallway walks with the aid of a walker,” the band’s webmaster Karl Koch wrote on the website.

“Meanwhile the docs say his insides are continuing to improve, but they have told him that while he will likely be released in the next few days, he ain’t getting on a plane anytime soon…too risky to his lung."

Cuomo broke three ribs in the Sunday morning bus crash, and also suffered a small cut on his spleen as well as a small puncture in one lung. The bus, carrying Cuomo, his family, their nanny and his assistant Sarah Kim, hit a patch of black ice outside Albany and careened off the highway.

The band’s website, which has been diligently updated daily, says that Kim – the only other passenger injured in the crash- also continues to improve.

Kim fractured two ribs and sustained back injuries. She left the hospital to return to Los Angeles with the band and is expected to recover in about a month.

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December 9th, 2009
03:41 PM ET

Christmas specials: A ratings winner

The most popular show with viewers last Wednesday wasn't a musically-inclined high school series or a crime procedural drama, but a 45-year-old cartoon about a reindeer with a shiny nose.

According to Nielsen, the annual airing of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was the top show with viewers last Wednesday, both in overall numbers (10.6 million viewers) and in the key 18-49 demo (five million viewers, about 200,000 more than "Glee").

On Tuesday, ABC aired "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which first aired in 1965.

While it finished third in its time slot (behind "NCIS" and "The Biggest Loser"), preliminary results show more than 11 million people watched the "Peanuts" gang.  A new Christmas special, "Disney Prep & Landing," did even better, with more than 12 million viewers.

In an age where network TV occasionally tries to stretch the limits of good taste and exploitation in the thirst for ratings success, it's refreshing to see that there's still room in the market for family-friendly "comfort" television.

There's nothing elaborate about most of these Christmas specials - the animation style on some of them look quite ancient to those growing up on Pixar and DreamWorks.  FULL POST

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December 9th, 2009
03:06 PM ET

Tiger’s Career Will Be Fine!

What a surprise! Yet another sports star has cheated, lied and presented himself as a role model, when really it seems he’s just another dude as intoxicated by fame and money as the next mega sports star. And we are simply outraged! But sad truth here is that Tiger’s career will be A-OK. If you think his career is kaput because he may have cheated on his wife, you’re sorely mistaken.

If the adultery claims are true – Tiger is a class-act pig. Daily, more women come forth to claim their spot in what is a veritable harem of ladies who say they’ve have had affairs with him. His wife – the mother of his two children– is no doubt heartbroken, his marriage in the toilet and his fans are disillusioned.

The world’s greatest professional golfer built an empire on his good name, incredible game and hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorships. He’s hocking watches, energy drinks, video games, cars, condos and more – because, hey! – he’s the good guy we all admire!

Now, the backlash has begun: Tiger action figures have been thrown in the discount bin, Gatorade dropped a line of Tiger-themed energy drinks and media tracker Nielsen reports that not a single Tiger commercial has aired on TV since November 29.

Tiger will pay the price – in his personal life. If his wife has a brain in her head, she’ll leave his butt – and quick. He’ll lose his marriage – he’ll lose his panache as a family man.

But he’s not going to lose his place as the greatest golfer we’ve ever seen.

Tiger is still at the top of his game, professionally. And that’s not going to change any time soon. He’ll keep on playing and he’ll still be a hero to many. Sponsors will have to shift their endorsements from “Tiger the family man” to “Tiger the bad boy sports star”. And they will – because he’ll still be able to sell the goods.

If Alex Rodriguez can overcome a steroids scandal and be hailed hero, Kobe Bryant beat a major sexual harassment scandal and come out on top - hell if Bill Clinton can still carry a career as a highly esteemed humanitarian and diplomat, what with his flair for interns and cigars – then Tiger Woods will be fine. He should take a page from David Letterman’s book – but that’s another story.

I want to be clear: I think Tiger Woods is an arrogant, power-hungry, fame-drunk pig. But he’s still the best golfer in the world.


December 9th, 2009
09:46 AM ET

Crunch time on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Ryan and Kathryn perform a sizzling cha-cha
Ryan and Kathryn perform a sizzling cha-cha

As our judges reminded us Tuesday night, this is it: America's votes determine who will be in the season finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" next week. In fact, they implored us so many times to vote that I half expected Diddy to show up. After the top eight took the stage for the last time of the night, it was tough to decide which two would be cut before next week.

Last night's episode was also brought to you by celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, whose remixes were featured in two performances: Kathryn and Ryan's disco and Jakob and Mollee's Broadway routines. The first one was great, aside from Ryan's ballroom-esque posture, as pointed out by Nigel, but not quite up there with routines we've seen in this style in the third and fifth seasons.

However, Jakob and Mollee's dance to "Easy Street" was a real highlight for me, and as much as it pains me to say it, not being the biggest Mollee fan, that could have sealed her place in the finale. Both of them were quite synchronized (unlike their Viennese waltz, which didn't impress me nearly as much as it did the judges), and Jakob made her a better dancer, the same way he had with Ashleigh.

Speaking of Mrs. Ryan Di Lello, she injured herself during rehearsals on a Bollywood routine with Russell, so her fate is completely up to the audience based on her past routines. Despite a touching moment where Ryan pleaded for his wife to remain in the competition.

This followed another underwhelming solo from him which ended just after it got going. Lucky for him that his cha-cha with Kathryn "sizzled, boiled," to quote Ryan himself, and set the place "on fire," to quote Mary Murphy, who gave them both a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train. That was high praise, considering that tickets have been harder to come by this season. It didn't hurt either that the routine got a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, Kathryn followed up last week's incredible solo with another one. It wasn't flashy compared to many of the others, so hopefully the cha-cha was flashy enough to get her through...

... Which brings us right back to Ashleigh, looking more and more like an unfortunate victim, after such strong performances by the other girls. Judging by the short clips we saw of her rehearsals, things were going swimmingly in her two routines with Russell, who once again had to hit the floor with a pair of choreographer's assistants.

It was no surprise that he hit hard on Shane Sparks' old-school hip-hop routine, but he really shined doing Bollywood, and most importantly, he really sold it. As always, his krumping solo was "bucc," (apologies to Lil' C), but I could have done without the Santa Claus suit and the business with the toy (bah, humbug). Kudos, however, for working through having lost his shoe two-thirds into it.

Leave it to "SYTYCD" alum Travis Wall, however, to once again steal the show with a "War of the Roses"-inspired number that was the perfect marriage between choreographer and dancers.

Everything that was great about Ellenore and Legacy was shown off here, and I still can't get over his simultaneous leap over, with her roll under, the dinner table. (On the other hand, it's unfortunate that, that had to be followed by their alien hip-hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon ... NappyTabs, leave the overly-weird stuff to Wade Robson.)

As for the rest of the solos ... Legacy marred an otherwise stunning solo, with a cheap trick involving a phone. (Unless your name is Twitch, enough with the props.)

Jakob was amazing, as usual, but he hasn't really stepped it up. Compare this with Brandon and Jeanine last season. Well, there's always next week for him, as I think he is definitely safe. Ellenore (surprisingly) and Mollee (unsurprisingly) did nothing for me.

So if I were a betting man, who would I say won't be going to the finale next week? I'd say Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello will be eliminated together. (However, I'd still like Old St. Nigel to grant my Christmas wish to see them dance together one last time before the season ends.)

Who had your vote Tuesday night? Did Ryan's pleading sway you at all? Tell us who deserves to be on stage for the finale on video, or in the comments below.

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