November 25th, 2009
05:18 PM ET

'Glee"s Thanksgiving Eve

Here’s an early Thanksgiving treat for all of you “Glee” fans out there- an interview with tonight’s very special guest star- Eve! Earlier this week I had an opportunity to take part in a reporter’s conference call with the rapper-actress while she was in Dubai and she was eager to dish on this weeks episode, her early years singing and even her favorite karaoke song. Enjoy!....

When the show approached her, Eve told us the opportunity was simply too great to pass up. “I had heard the buzz about the show and when the first pilot episode came out, and I figured it was something really different; something that we haven’t seen on TV before, and I felt like it was something to do. I didn’t want to turn it down. And I’m happy I’m a part of it.”

But if you’re expecting to hear Eve singing tonight, you’re going to be disappointed, “It was really fun to kind of sit back and watch other people sing. I’m kind of like the choir director which was pretty cool.” The choir thing wasn’t exactly a big stretch. She started singing in choir in her real life in fourth grade. “I definitely was involved in choir. I loved that kind of stuff. I loved being dramatic; I am dramatic. I loved drama and stuff like that, so I love that it’s on TV and that it’s being shown.”

Even though Eve isn’t singing in tonight’s episode, you can bet that she already has a song picked out in case they ask her to guest star again. “Sweet Dreams”, that’s my karaoke go-to”, she admitted.

Before she hung up, I had to ask her about artists giving “Glee” their music to cover on the show- did she think it was a good idea? “Oh, for sure. For sure. I think if you’re smart and they ask, definitely give it over. It keeps you going as an artist, and especially because of the way the music business is now, it’s just one of those things where everybody’s looking for cross-promotion or longevity, and I think a show like this can help you with that.”

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