November 22nd, 2009
11:18 PM ET

Rihanna's "happy now!"

Rihanna stopped to talk to CNN's Denise Quan as she made her way down the red carpet for the American Music Awards Sunday night.

Rihanna: So big things are happening, a lot of work and we're at the AMA's, we're performing some new songs too tonight, so, I can't wait.

Denise Quan: How does it feel to be back to business?

Rihanna: Great, great. When I was off, for the little time that I had off before we started working on music again, I drove myself crazy. I just felt like a delinquent, I'm like what am I doing? I need to work and now I'm back to work and its getting crazy and busier than ever but its what I love to do so I have no complaints.

Quan: How does it feel to have all these fans supporting you?

Rihanna: Amazing. It makes you - you know, you don't feel lonely, you know, you feel like you have a team of support and there's nothing better than that. Especially when you go through something rough, you always feel like you always need friends. You always feel like you want somebody to reach out to you and lean on and having my friend's support throughout the whole thing its just amazing to me.

Quan: It's almost Thanksgiving. What are you most thankful for?

Rihanna: I'm most thankful for my happiness right now. To me the biggest thing in life is to be happy, you can have anything you want but, if you're not happy it doesn't make any sense and I'm really HAPPY right now and I'll be in France on Thanksgiving, I don't know how they celebrate it over there but we'll see.

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