November 9th, 2009
04:15 PM ET

"New Moon" behind the scenes

Yes, it’s true, “Twi-hards” – I spent my Friday and Saturday surrounded by all things “New Moon.” This included conversations with Robert, Taylor and Kristen – in the flesh. But first things first: if my event a few weeks ago with the Kardashians was as chaotic as the President coming into town, then no doubt about it, the process of screening “New Moon” Friday night was like trying to get a tour of the White House.

For press screenings, it’s usually protocol to check our cell phones and any recording devices with security. However, not once have I encountered a metal detector before entering the theater. Yup, you read correctly, metal detectors. The steps I went through before entering the theater began with checking in, driver's license in hand, and receiving a yellow wristband, then waiting in a very long line as security checked our wrists. Then we had to hand over our cell phones, BlackBerries, cameras, etc. Next, a line to check any bags we carried. Last but not least, two lines in front of theater number seven’s door, as two men with hand-held metal detectors scanned to check what we might still be carrying. Then began my two hours and 10 minutes of “New Moon.” By the way, Team Jacob fans: Taylor Lautner has a very nice six-pack, and it is seen plenty throughout the movie! (More on that in a later blog.)

Saturday, I spent about five hours talking (and waiting to talk) with 17 cast members from the movie: Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Chris the director, five members of the Cullens, four from the Wolfpack, and four Volturi members. I’m sure plenty of you would have loved to trade places with me, but this process is not what I would call an ideal day. Yes, Taylor and Robert shook my hand – and despite what many of you might have done, I did wash my hands later. Saturday certainly did not disappoint in the chaos department for me either. The number of press outlets present was amazing – from multiple online outlets all the way to the Hungarian channel, and of course CNN. I could really see the star status of the “Twilight Saga.” I shouldn’t be complaining – Kristen Stewart was my first interview of the day, but for her, I was number 31. About four hours in, Rob Pattinson was my second to last interview; he still had an hour of press after me. Coffee in hand and looking drained, he smiled and said, “I’m starting to speak a little rubbish.”

While I wouldn’t trade my job for anything, Friday and Saturday was still work for me. How big a fan of the “Twilight Saga” are you? And what would you have traded to be in my shoes?

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