September 3rd, 2009
08:51 AM ET

From comics to film

Robert Downey Jr.'s next comic-to-film role: "Cowboys and Aliens." The film tells the story of an alien invasion in the Old West. Guy Ritchie also turns to comic books for his next project. CNN's Douglas Hyde catches you up on Hollywood news, including Colbie Caillat's no. 1 album.

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  1. natweb

    I'm not sure why they would even begin to make a movie of Cowboys and Aliens, it was a HORRIBLE graphic novel and shouldn't make a much better film. Easily found in comic 50 cent bins everywhere. For that matter, Lobo is such a weak DC Comics character that he isn't even being published anymore. Fan interest burned out. Good luck with those poor performers. The are SO many GREAT comics out there, why don't they pick a GOOD character and pick his finest story to bring to the big screen? Seems they always select a writer who's "Gonna do it HIS way" yet he has no comic writing skills whatsoever so it never translates well. I've yet to see any superhero comic that measures up to the finest issues of that characters title. But I do keep hoping...

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  2. the L

    I don't understand why the story of a "team" movie would suffer. They don't suffer now in the animated features. Ego's would suffer and that's it. the sucker that plays the flash will be bitter that batman and superman spend 90 mins hatching then executing a plan.

    September 4, 2009 at 1:25 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Josh

    I think having super teams would be a good idea, but if you put the Teen Titans into a movie they would play it to much to a kid movie, and would lose some of the real comic fans, sort of like how they made a Dragon Ball movie but it was played more for everyone instead of the fans, and kind of fell flat. DC Comics might want to do what Marvel's planning on doing, by having alot of movies of single heros leading up to a group movie, ie, Hulk, Iron Man, etc, leading to the Avengers. So, you could have Batman and Superman, which have been made, and then do a Green Lantern and Wonder Woman movie, and then make a Justice League movie and introduce a couple more heros.

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  4. marc decrosta

    I think that with the recent acquisition of Marvel comics by Disney comic book films will now have a new standard of quality that hasn't been seen before. The days of changing costumes and storylines just for the sake of making a 2 hour moviewill be gone and films based on comics will be more true to the original artwork and stories.

    As far as making films based on super hero teams....I don't think it will be that good of an idea. We all know that if a Justice League movie ever came about the story would be focused around Superman and Batman because they are DC's biggest characters. Unfortunately this will make other heros such as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern secondary characters. Granted it would be cool to see all those characters on the big screen all at once but unfortunately I fear the story will suffer.

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  5. Chris Brinckman

    I think that with the recent surge in Comic adaptions and how well they have been put together I would agree that now is the time to start showing the bigger teams Like the Justice League. I think that perhaps Teen Titans would be an easier for people accept since they havent had established players in thier roles, and a younger crowd would enjoy that I think as wel.

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  6. Debra R

    You guys should make a movie about the Justice League or the Legion of Superheroes...teen titans...such a big market for this...

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