August 18th, 2009
05:17 PM ET

Celebrity oath of office

"Grey’s Anatomy" star Eric Dane is showing quite a bit of his own anatomy in a videotaped naked romp that is making the rounds on the internet. In light of this latest Hollywood scandal, I have decided to offer some guidance to those up and comers in the entertainment industry- some words to the wise from someone on the other side of the biz. I have seen these things play out time and time again and I suggest all new celebrities take this pledge before ascending to stardom.

eric dane

So put your left hand on a stack of tabloid magazines, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

Thou shalt not talk about your romantic relationship. It will come back to haunt you. When you give a gushing interview to Barbara Walters or Oprah about how in love you are with your significant other or jump a couch declaring your love, those WILL be the clips that will be played endlessly when you split up.  Be blissfully in love, have a fairy tale Hollywood romance.  But do it quietly.

Thou shalt not make a sex tape, take nude shots, etc. Inevitably it will hit the internet. If there is anything that you have done in your pre-celebrity life, obviously you can’t change it, but going forward, you need to be smart. There are no two ways about this one- if you do it, it will leak.

Thou shalt not drink and drive. You earn enough money now- hire a driver. When you go out to dinner, go partying at clubs or go to premiere after parties and plan on drinking, take a car home.  We know you have expensive cars at home; you don’t need to show them to us by crashing them.  We would respect you much more if you got into a chauffeured car and got home responsibly.

I now pronounce you a certified Hollywood star. If you can follow these commandments you will have a long, happy life in Hollywood. Don’t let me down!

For much more on Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart’s steamy naked romp tune in to Showbiz Tonight, 11pm ET/PT- Don’t miss it!

August 18th, 2009
03:49 PM ET

Hung up on 'Hung'

When I first heard about HBO's "Hung", I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new Sunday night show.  The marketing and promos didn't get me, but the fact that it was squeezed between “True Blood” and “Entourage” made me give it a shot one night. I quickly went to OnDemand and caught myself up. In a nutshell, the show's about an average guy who loses his house in a fire and turns to gigolo-ing to support his kids.


I have to say, the season started up a bit slow, but now I'm addicted to Thomas Jane’s character, Ray, and his odd children. Ann Heche’s character - Ray's ex-wife - is unbelievably obnoxious, but then again, you kind of need that one person to hate on every show, right?

What I don’t understand is Ray’s new love interest, Jemma. She's a bit 'unbalanced' to say the least, but because she's attractive she seems to win him over.  Now mind you, this comes after she pays him to be her fake boyfriend, and drags him to a session with her psychiatrist to act out a melodramatic, yet realistic, fight about something that never happened.

Ray might decide that he wants to date Jemma as "Ray" and not as his prostitute alter-ego, "Randall", yet he still seems to view this whole male prostitute thing in a very nonchalant manner. Can normal, basketball coaching, history teaching fathers really have sex for money with random women and not seem to be bothered by it at all or is “Hung” as out there as the fictional concept of vampires and shape-shifters in “True Blood” ?

What do you think? Where is this show going, especially if Ray gets himself a girlfriend? "Hung" fans or haters... please weigh in.

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August 18th, 2009
12:10 PM ET

Your pop culture cheat sheet

Here's what's happening in the world of entertainment today:

  • Before going with Tom DeLay, "Dancing with the Stars" producers wanted Bill Clinton to be a contender for the upcoming season, according to The New York Times. Executive producer Conrad Green tells the paper that a call was made to Clinton's office and, "I think the phone was quickly thrown down."
  • Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that "Dancing" fan DeLay sent a letter to the show endorsing Sara Evans as a contestant over Jerry Springer in 2006.
  • Alyssa Milano was married over the weekend to Hollywood agent David Bugliari, according to People.
  • SPOILER ALERT for "Big Brother" fans: confirms that contestant Chima Simone has been removed from the house. In a statement, CBS says, “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”
  • The wait is over: has the new trailer for the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon."
  • Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup and Zach Galifianakis are among the celebrities playing G.I. Joe characters in a Funny or Die music video parody.
  • On DVD today: "Hannah Montana: The Movie," "The Last House on the Left" and a plethora of TV series seasons: "The Simpsons: The Twelfth Season," "Dexter: The Third Season," "Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season," "Everybody Hates Chris: The Final Season" and "Eli Stone: The Complete Second Season," among others.
August 18th, 2009
08:36 AM ET

Megan Fox's PSA spoof

The star of "Jennifer's Body" creates a fake public service announcement to promote her film, "Crue" drummer Tommy Lee burns his hand and the Wayans brothers prepare for a "White Chicks" sequel. CNN's Douglas Hyde has more on these tidbits in today's buzz:

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