August 17th, 2009
07:13 PM ET

McSteamy's "Grey's Anatomy" Exposed!

What is it about the cast of Grey's Anatomy?  Isaiah Washington gets in hot water for allegedly using an anti-gay epithet, then uses the word on television while denying he said it in the first place.  Katherine Heigl wins an Emmy, then takes herself out of the running the next year and appears to blame the Grey's writers for not giving her good enough material.  And now, there's a tape floating around Hollywood showing Eric "Dr. McSteamy" Dane and his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, naked and apparently intoxicated with a former Miss Teen USA.

The video - and no, we're not going to post it here; you savvy web surfers should be able to find it without any difficulty - shows the trio lounging in the buff at the apartment of beauty queen turned Hollywood madam Kari Ann Peniche.  They laugh and talk, discuss what their porn star names would be, get into the jacuzzi, and so forth.  You know, the kind of stuff most of us do when we're sitting around with friends - except for the videotaping it and letting the tape get out part!

When will celebrities (and politicians, and athletes) learn?  If there's an incriminating tape, or a photo, or an email, it'll wind up on the web faster than you can say "Well, I used to have a career..."

Addendum: Dane and Gayheart's lawyer, Marty Singer, issued this statement to CNN:

"This is simply a private, consensual moment involving a married couple, shot several years ago, which was never intended to be seen by the public.  Although the participants are nude, the tape is not a 'sex tape.'  It is a private tape made for only my clients' personal use, and nobody has the right to exploit it.  If anyone exploits the tape, they will be violating my clients' rights and will be exposed to significant liability."

Fair enough, though I'm not sure "exposed" is a word he wanted in there.

August 17th, 2009
06:06 PM ET

Clooney sues over topless photos

George Clooney is once again taking aim at the paparazzi.  In a statement to Showbiz Tonight, he tells us:

george clooney

"We're suing two magazines AND a photographer. I don't know about the law in the United States but in Italy it's illegal for photographers to climb over my wall and to take long lens pictures of a 13-year-old girl in her bedroom. I draw the line of privacy at that."

Clooney was at his home in Italy with his girlfriend when a photographer allegedly took photos of a 13-year-old girl house guest who was topless at the time.

This is not the first time that Clooney has taken the paparazzi to task.  He publicly admonished them and their methods after the death of Princess Diana and in the last several years has spoken at length about the paparazzi’s sometimes dangerous methods.

For much more on this developing story tune in to Showbiz Tonight on HLN, 11pm ET/PT- Don’t miss it!

August 17th, 2009
04:50 PM ET

An appetite for horror stories

It’s official. Social media has reached a new high in the world of television … and the world of television has reached a new low. Deliberately.

I received a PR release from Rooftop Comedy last week. Apparently the broadcast network MavTV has come up with the ultimate show in TV/Web convergence. The show will allow users to submit text, photo, audio or video content to be paired with professional comedy clips.

Its title? “That Sucks.”

Now, there’s a great appetite on the Web for people’s horror stories. From to, we love to know that our own lives aren’t quite as bad as someone else’s. But does an entire television show about how much things suck cross a line?

According to the release, the show’s premise is really that simple:

“At the heart of ‘That Sucks’ is ‘Sucksbox,’ a web and mobile platform that asks the public to respond to a single question: ‘What do you think sucks?’ ”

What do you think? Is this focus on failure going too far? Or is this viewer/producer convergence a great idea?

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August 17th, 2009
11:42 AM ET

'Ghostbusters' on YouTube

It's been 25 years since "Ghostbusters" hit the big screen and YouTube is celebrating. Plus, comedian Steve Harvey's book is headed to theaters and the Foo Fighters are joining "Rock Band." CNN's Denise Quan has more on these tidbits in today's buzz:

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August 17th, 2009
11:25 AM ET

Dancing With The "Stars"? Season 9 cast unveiled

Let the DWTS season nine buzz officially begin!  ABC has unveiled the latest cast of "Dancing With The Stars," and no, LaToya Jackson isn't on the list.  While I'll leave it to others to assess each contestant's potential talents at twirling and hoofing, let's check the "star" quality of each new DWTSer:

  • Aaron Carter: a couple of platinum albums, TV, Broadway, Backstreet brother.  Yeah, okay.
  • Ashley Hamilton: son of George Hamilton, married to Shannen Doherty for about 12 minutes.  No.
  • Chuck Liddell: UFC Mixed Martial Arts champ and Hall of Famer.  Great athletes have always been a part of the show's mix (and usually done well), and it'll be interesting to see whether MMA fans tune into DWTS.  Great choice.
  • Debi Mazar: more fun for the Entourage fans on this blog, though I'm old enough to remember her from GoodFellas and L.A. Law.  Not exactly a star, but well-known enough.
  • Donny Osmond: great pick!  Just don't faint.
  • Joanna Krupa: Maxim magazine calls the Polish-born model one of the sexiest women in the world.  Does that make her a star?  No.  Do I care?  No.
  • Kathy Ireland: supermodel turned CEO of a billion-dollar design business... and she was the kicker in Necessary Roughness!  Score!
  • Kelly Osbourne: well, she's a reality TV star, and she'll undoubtedly be entertaining.  Okay.
  • Louie Vito: the snowboarder isn't as well-known as Liddell, but I suppose the same athlete principle applies.
  • Macy Gray: I guess this is part of her latest comeback attempt.  She's a Grammy winner, so sure.
  • Mark Dacascos: he's the host of Iron Chef America and a Kung Fu champ, so he could be an interesting addition - especially if he and Liddell throw down after Chuck makes fun of Mark's Food Network gig.
  • Melissa Joan Hart: she's starred in TV shows and movies, and with two young children, she figures to draw a good chunk of the mom vote.
  • Michael Irvin: talented, egomaniacal athlete who can't keep his mouth shut.  FANTASTIC selection.
  • Mya: multi-talented performer (singing, dancing, acting), plus she also has the one-name thing going for her, which is nice.
  • Natalie Coughlin: yet another athlete, and perhaps the most acclaimed of the bunch - 11 Olympic medals in swimming.  Can she take the DWTS gold like gymnast Shawn Johnson?
  • Tom DeLay: well, he's... wait, what?!?  The former House Majority Leader?  He's not even a star in DC anymore.  Maybe producers told the bookers "get us The Hammer" and they misunderstood.

Okay, start arguing - what do you think of this season's cast?

August 17th, 2009
09:23 AM ET

'Entourage' mojo-meter flatlines

Last week's episode left many pondering the lasting power our beloved "Entourage" still has. Some wondered if the show had actually lost its mojo, and if it seemed to be getting stale.


As I read through last week's comments, I found that to be the most common message, and I was on the fence. I still think it's a great show with great characters and compelling story lines, but I do think there are some moments that are just not that impressive this season.

This week's episode began with Johnny Drama and Jamie-Lynn Sigler on set in a rainy scene that climaxed with a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Turtle's gawk is just a few feet away. Yet, even as this sticky situation unfolded, I was indifferent.

As for the "mojo-meter"? Maybe a 1.5 so far. (By the way, this is NOT pronounced "mojo-meter," but rather like "Mo-Jommeter," as to sound authentically scientific.)

Next, the dialogue shifted to Eric's aftermath. Who can forget his tragic faux pas calling Ashley "Sloan" last week? He confesses to the crew, and they dutifully give him the business. However, I am still not impressed. Checking the "mojo-meter" again, it's pegging at a paltry 2.2.

A few minutes forward, and Ashley's hard stance on the "you called me 'Sloan' " tragedy continues. She was actually a likable, tough-as-nails girlfriend with a justified, bitter edge. In another patented "like/hate" Ashley moment, I actually began to empathize. This girl's all right. Then, in the blink of an eye, her concrete stance on the issue inexplicably crumbles in record time and things are back to normal? Not only am I NOT moved, I'm downright perplexed. The "mojo-meter" is dying on this episode fast. It's a flatline. I've got nothing.

Is "Entourage" actually becoming (gulp) lame?

Then, something magical happened. As if someone had wheeled in the "mojo defibrillator," the scene shifted to the Miller-Gold agency, and Marlo Klein's voice instantly pierced the place like nails on a chalkboard. Mrs. Klein darts in with a crazed look in her eye, hurling expletives left, right, north and south. Jami Gertz seemed to be cast exactly for this moment, making it seem all too real with her brilliant, maddening shrillness echoing through the offices. Her chaotic trail culminates in Ari's office with him getting an earful for his part in the proverbial crime.

At that point, I spoke aloud to nobody in particular (don't judge): "Now THIS is the episode we've been waiting for!"

From that moment on, the episode was dotted with a few highs like Drama's snooping on Jamie-Lynn's lunch with his boss. Hopefully, this new character's introduction will bear fruit in future episodes. I also hope everyone caught Drama's priceless "pseudo-Unabomber" look as he tailed Turtle's girl with the savvy network exec who has a reputation for closing "other" sorts of deals with actresses. If not, rewind the TiVo. That laugh is on me.

By the end of the show, a nice amount of momentum was in place for next week - and the mojo-meter was jumping again. As for me, I'm officially paying attention.

Loved, liked or hated this week's show? Let us know!

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