July 29th, 2009
12:08 PM ET

Walking the line

Lately, I’ve felt like starting my own column based on all the odd experiences I’ve encountered at movie premieres.  A week ago, the big “Orphan” secret was revealed at the premiere and my latest red carpet experience did not disappoint.

Monday night, I covered the “Ponyo” premiere - an animated Japanese film adapted by Disney. It's about the relationship between a five-year-old boy and a young goldfish named “Ponyo,” and her quest to become human. The little boy is voiced by the one and only Frankie Jonas also known as “Bonus Jonas” – he is the younger brother of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. But wait there’s more, the voice behind “Ponyo” the goldfish, is Noah Cyrus, yep, she is Miley Cyrus’ little sister.

Despite the brief arrival of the Jonas Brothers, Monday night’s event wasn’t buzzing with big name stars, so I was more than happy to give my time to whomever the publicists brought my way. About an hour into the red carpet arrivals a persistent publicist stood in front of me holding the hand of a very young girl. She explained why I should talk to her client which went something like this, “Hi this is so and so and Noah Cyrus’ best friend, I think you should talk to her.”

Rewind, did I miss the part where she tells me what her client is working on, if she even has a role in “Ponyo.” Nope, I heard correctly and none of that was included. Why does Noah Cyrus' best friend need a publicist?  While I felt horrible for the smiling young girl, I did not talk to her. Would you have talked to her?

Does being someone’s “best friend” give you a golden ticket?

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  1. Robyn

    While I agree that being someones best friend should not give them a "golden ticket" per se, I find it kind of disturbing that you wouldn't take a few minutes to see why she was introduced to you. Judging from the way the article was written I find it hard to believe that you had any remorse in not speaking with her. You stated quite clearly that you were happy to speak with anyone presented to you. Was this little girl so inconsequential that she did not merit your unused time? Or were important parts left out of this insightful article?

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