May 6th, 2009
09:18 PM ET

Top 4: Chatting with the kids

Kris is so humble, but Adam talks about the show like he owns it: "When we got the Zeppelin song ..."

He knows he is the man.

Danny thinks that awful note as the end of his song was his "funniest moment on 'American Idol.' " I so wasn't laughing.

Allison is trying to show a little personality. You go, little rocker chick!

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May 6th, 2009
09:11 PM ET

Top 4: School's out

Slash is back!!!

He's on guitar playing for the group number "School's Out."

I could really  just listen to Slash play and not have the "American Idol" contestants sing.

He's inspiring me to go wild on "Guitar Hero!"

When Slash speaks sometimes, it almost sounds like he's not used to using his voice. Love him, though, "Cousin It" hair, top hat and all.

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May 6th, 2009
09:05 PM ET

Top 4: Who is it going to be?

** SPOILER ALERT: Wednesday night’s blog will eventually reveal the contestant leaving the show. Do not visit the final entry of the blog if you do not want to know the results. **

The show just started, and I am super nervous.

For the first time in "AI" history, I like all of the final four.

I might even be able to forgive Gokey for his madness last night. Maybe.

Ryan says the highest number of votes outside of a finale were recorded last night.

Who, oh who, is going home?

- Lisa Respers France, writer

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May 6th, 2009
06:02 PM ET

What to expect from NEXT 'Trek'?

J.J. Abrams’ new “Star Trek” reboot hasn’t even arrived in theaters yet, but Paramount has already greenlit a sequel. So let the speculation begin: what does the next adventure have in store for the crew of the Enterprise?

I got a vague inkling at the “Star Trek” premiere last week at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where I caught up with Damon Lindelof, who co-produced “Star Trek” and will co-write its sequel. If that weren’t enough, he has his hands full as the head writer, show runner, and executive producer of “Lost,” which winds up its penultimate season next week.

“Talking about a sequel before the movie has already opened is always sort of a tricky proposition, but if this movie does well then we'll sort of take it into the next gear. But obviously when we were working on the first one we started wanting to try to set up stuff for potential sequels,” he said.

Now comes the hard part: getting him to spill the beans. I crafted my question carefully: “As a storyteller, will it be more interesting to have this new crew experience new adventures, or is it more interesting to have this new crew experience some characters and situations that the original crew experienced?”

“I think that the way that we look at it a little it is, you know, you take like a new band and they cover songs from the old band, but what makes a good song it's always a good song but people want to hear a new arrangement on it," he replied. "We're going to be kind of Rihanna covering the Beatles in the sequels. That's a horrible analogy, who would want to hear that? Not me. Well, maybe,” he added with a smile.

Your thoughts then, Trekkers. Which episodes, characters, or situations from the original series do you think they’ll revisit in the sequel? Khan is an obvious choice, but one I hope they’ll pass on. Ricardo Montalban’s performance is indelible and they’d be hard pressed to top “The Wrath of Khan.” I hope they’ll resist the temptation, but my hunch is they won’t. (Maybe not for “Star Trek II,” but it wouldn’t shock me to see them try to tackle it later on.)

And I think the time travel/alternate reality thing precludes them from re-working “The City on the Edge of Forever” since they kinda went down that road already.

So what does that leave? Re-workings of “Journey to Babel” and “The Enterprise Incident” could be fun, but my money is on the Klingons - maybe an update of “Errand of Mercy?” And I fully expect Chris Pine to be wrasslin’ a Gorn before too long as well!

(This is all pure speculation on my part. As Spock would say, “There are always possibilities.”)

As for “Lost,” after next week’s finale they have one season left to wrap everything up. I wondered if they’ll truly be able to answer the innumerable mysteries of the show. Will we be able to go back to season one, season two, season three, and have everything make sense and be explained? I asked Lindelof about tying "Lost's" threads together.

“That's what we're shooting for,” Lindelof said. “I mean, you know, the meta-answers of this show that we set up - hopefully most of the major mysteries are answered. There will be little things like, 'Why did that guy say that to her?' - that we didn't even consider as mysteries, but some fans are, like, so dialed into. But you know, all the biggies will be answered. And if they're not answered to your satisfaction we will release our home phone numbers and you can just give us a call.”

And yes, there is someone on staff keeping track of all those mysteries: “His name is Greg Nations. People are like, 'Where 's the show Bible?' And we're like, 'That guy.' So if he ever gets kidnapped by a foreign power we're screwed.”

- Douglas Hyde, CNN Entertainment Producer

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May 6th, 2009
05:14 PM ET

Watch 'American Idol' results with

The "American Idol" contestants rocked and now someone has to roll.

Tune in tonight and watch with’s Lisa Respers France, who will be blogging live during the show. Scheduled performers include “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul, former contestant Chris Daughtry and his group and No Doubt.

Post your comments below, or head over to iReport to share videos of your thoughts about the results show.

Your comment or video may appear on CNN!

–Lisa Respers France, writer

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May 6th, 2009
04:34 PM ET

Jon & Kate Plus Date?

As new tabloid reports surface that reality TV star Jon Gosselin has been stepping out on his wife Kate with another woman, the famous father had this to say to Showbiz Tonight;

"These allegations are false and just plain hurtful. As I adjust to the the attention that comes from being in the public eye, I need to be more careful and aware of who I am associating with and where I am spending my time. But the bottom line is, I did not cheat on Kate. I am sorry for putting my family in this awkward position, given some poor decisions and bad judgements I've made recently. I am working through this difficult time with my family. My family is my top priority."

Watch Showbiz Tonight at 11p ET & PT for the latest Jon & Kate news!

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