March 23rd, 2009
03:53 PM ET

Busy Neil Young to release box set

Neil Young’s a busy guy. He’s got a new album, “Fork in the Road,” due out April 7. He has put out a pair of videos, drawn from songs on the album; one (“Cough Up the Bucks”) comments on the economic mess, while the other (“Light a Candle”) strikes a more optimistic note.

And, if you’re a fan, the biggest news of all is that he’s finally putting out a long-awaited box set of his first 10 years, from some 1963 live sets through material for his 1972 classic, “Harvest,” and on to his 1973 film, “Journey into the Past.” In typical drily humorous Young fashion, the 10-disc set is called “Archives, Vol. 1.” (One can only imagine that a complete Young overview will be like one of those 150-CD sets compiling everything Bach ever wrote.)

Young can be notoriously - and justifiably - fussy about his recordings, paying strict attention to sound quality, microphone selection and basic “feel.” So it’s a real treat that this box set is finally seeing the light of day, particularly given what’s sure to be some exciting work: the years with Buffalo Springfield, the early material with Crazy Horse, perhaps even those Mynah Birds records with Rick James.

The box set comes out June 2, and is being released in three forms: an 8-CD box, a 10-DVD box, and a 10-disc box on Blu-ray DVD. The man is nothing if not accommodating.

- Todd Leopold, Entertainment Producer

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