December 5th, 2008
11:59 AM ET

Your views: David Archuleta hot, Grammys not

David Archuleta received no love from the Grammy voters.

Yes, the “American Idol” runner-up’s debut album didn’t qualify - it came out last month, about six weeks after the Grammy deadline - but his single, “Crush,” did. But Mr. Archuleta didn’t get nominated for “Crush,” nor did he earn a pick for best new artist.

However, iReporters love him.  (At least, we think they do. At least one of the tributes seems rather … unserious.) iReporters also love Avi Buffalo, Tesla and My Morning Jacket.

What iReporters - and blog commenters - don’t like is the Grammys.

“The sorry state of the music industry is reflected in the nominees,” writes Eric Schultz. (VinceCapece responds, “It’s not a reflection of the sorry state of the music industry … it’s a reflection of the sorry state of the music business! Excellent musicians and songs and albums abound, but the music business pushes garbage on us day in and day out.”)

“I haven’t cared about the Grannies since they gave the first ‘Best Heavy Metal Album’ award to Jethro Tull,” adds DavidT.

“There were some very good albums that were shut out (only my opinion) completely this year for reasons beyond my wisdom,” says Nobody, who describes him- or herself as a longtime veteran of the business.

And there were several commenters upset at seeing the Jonas Brothers up for best new artist.

But the Grammys did well in some ways, wrote a few people. Though opinion was divided as to the worthiness of nomination-leader Lil Wayne, fans were glad about some nominations.

“A category that doesn’t get too much attention, ‘Best Folk Album,’ this year has a nominee that is so well-deserved it defies words. Kathy Mattea’s ‘Coal”’is a collection of coal mining songs and I would defy a listener to go unaffected after carefully listening to the words of each song,” writes Sue L.

“Happy that They Might Be Giants got a nod … even if it’s in best Children’s Recording,” says Julie.

Besides, writes Benst1, it’s about the show, not the winners.

“I do not care who is nominated and who wins a Grammy award. I do love to watch the show, because they showcase all types of music and because they did away with the useless host/master of ceremonies, so they can focus on the music. The Grammys are not as important as the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, or the Dupont-Columbia Awards for Broadcast Journalism, but, they are a lot more fun to watch.”

However, Beavis won’t be watching. “Music died with Tiny Tim,” he writes. And that was 12 years ago.

- Todd Leopold, Entertainment Producer

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