October 17th, 2008
01:15 PM ET

Mixing politics and entertainment

Whether it was John Anderson guest-starring in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch in 1980, Frank Sinatra helping John F. Kennedy in 1960 or any number of other incidents, the overlap between politics and entertainment has a long tradition - but it seems the mix has reached absurd levels this election season.

Sarah Palin is scheduled to appear on "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow night.

There are the YouTube mashups, the instant songs, the push for votes.

Musicians have created songs for the candidates and even more have tried to stop the candidates from using their songs.

And with such examples as David Letterman’s grilling of John McCain and the regular satire of “The Daily Show,” there has been the odd sense that comedians and entertainers are sometimes tougher on the candidates than the mainstream media.

Now comes the ultimate mix: Sarah Palin is going on “Saturday Night Live.” The show has been mum about the role Palin will play - or if she’ll do a scene with Tina Fey, who has mimicked her brilliantly.

Care to make any predictions on what we can expect?

- Todd Leopold, CNN.com Entertainment Producer

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