August 6th, 2008
10:33 AM ET

How Paris Hilton's McCain response came about

Paris Hilton is often thought of as a cartoon, the prototypical shallow celebrity. That was certainly one point of John McCain’s commercial featuring her and Britney Spears (and likening Barack Obama to both).

Paris Hilton has responded to John McCain's ad with her own video.

But upon seeing the McCain ad, director Adam McKay (“Step Brothers,” “Anchorman”) thought of Hilton differently - as an American citizen.

"I was literally in my car and thought Paris must respond. It's her duty as a citizen,” McKay told CNN. “Within three hours I was on the phone with her and she was into it.”

McKay is also co-founder of, the comedy video Web site that posted the Hilton video. He observed that the Hilton response was a natural reaction to McCain’s ad.

"McCain made one huge mistake. He drifted into the world of pop culture. And that's Paris' world. She owns that world,” he said. “So now he gets the blowback.”

Now that the Hilton video (as expected) has received coverage on mainstream media outlets such as CNN, McKay has bigger plans.

“Our next goal is a town hall style debate between Paris, McCain and that sea creature that washed up in Montauk," he said.

And could there be more videos?

“We're praying that Obama does an ad with Screech from ‘Saved by the Bell,’ ” he said. Then he twisted a knife. “Or maybe McCain's next ad about the trillions we've spent on the Iraq war while our economy falls apart will have Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul in it."

- Jennifer Wolfe and Todd Leopold, CNN

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