May 16th, 2008
12:56 PM ET

Obscure, overlooked and terrific

There’s so much out there, it’s no wonder plenty of good stuff gets overlooked.

The Goodies: Famous to some, obscure to many, laughter-inducing regardless.

The Village Voice put together a list of unjustifiably overlooked books not long ago. A friend of mine, digging further, found this list of books from Antaeus magazine.

And that’s just books. No doubt there are remarkable albums, TV shows and movies that have also rarely - or never - gotten their due.

For some people, they’re guilty pleasures. Other people believe they’ve stumbled on something brilliant and wonder why the rest of the world hasn’t caught up. And many subjects of people’s faith -– or obsession -– likely fall somewhere in-between.

So what’s your overlooked classic? You can nominate a movie, TV show, album or book – but please, just one to a customer. And remember: One person’s fantastic obscurity is another’s “Everybody’s heard of that” mediocrity. Which is kind of what the Internet is all about.

- Todd Leopold, Entertainment Producer

(P.S. You want one from me? Well, I really miss “The Goodies,” a British comedy from the mid-‘70s that allegedly killed a viewer from laughter. It barely aired in the U.S. and the only fans I can find are native Brits. And no doubt one of them is out there is saying, “ ‘The Goodies’? Gawd, I am SO SICK of ‘The Goodies’!”)

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