March 27th, 2008
04:43 PM ET

Brush with greatness

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="iReporter Sarah Hampton met Bill Bellamy at a comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia, last month."]Over at we asked readers to send in their “brushes with greatness” – photos, videos and stories of their personal encounters with celebrities. The response was varied and enthusiastic. Readers met hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash, comedian Bill Bellamy and hockey legend Bobby Hull.

Mishea Hyatt had a chance celebrity encounter many fans dream of. After a Smashing Pumpkins concert last year in Boston, Massachusetts, she waited outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of the band.

Within a few minutes, front man Billy Corgan walked over and invited Hyatt and her friend to chat in the hotel lobby where the band was staying. “It was a great conversation about nothing, but it meant everything,” she said.

It seems everyone has a favorite story about his or her own brush with greatness. What’s yours?

- Katie Hawkins, Associate Producer for User Participation

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  1. John A

    Many years ago, I was escorting my sister Kate from Los Angeles
    to Detroit to get her home to my mom. Kate is developmentally disabled. As we sat in the concourse at LAX, a large entourage entered with Muhammad Ali, and he sat down right next to my sister. His little kids were crawling all over him and he smiled and told them to behave. I said to him that my sister had a pretty strong handshake for a "kid". He said, "Is that so?" and put out his hand to her. She looked at me, wide eyed. I said,"It's okay Katee, shake his hand." She said, "Nooooo. I don't know him!" We laughed; and I told her that he's a friend. She finally shook his hand. I imagine he got a kick out of meeting someone who DIDN'T know who he was. He was so gracious and friendly. They bumped us up to first class that flight, so that his entourage could have the whole economy section. It was a party back there. I still wonder if he had something to do with our upgrade.

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  2. Bruce Ellis

    To make ends meet in the 90's, I worked as an extra/actor in Vancouver,British Columbia. Playing a Sheriff, I've been handcuffed to Drew Barrymore (The Amy Fisher story). Arrested Doogie Hauser (Neil Patrick Harris) in "Not our son". Playing a horse trainer, met Mickey Rooney (Black Stallion) . Numerous portrayals as an FBI agent policeman and detective got me face to face with the likes of David Duchovny ,Gillian Anderson (X-files), George Kennedy and Michael Chiklis,(The Commish).

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  3. Nan

    I live in Austin Texas. We have almost as many celebs that live here as Hollywood. We never bother them so they just walk around and eat in the resturants. We have many that coming into town to just listen to the live music and they make alot of movie here as well. As we say here in Austin, "they're treating you good here"? You never know who is at Sears buying a power tool? It's a great place to live.

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  4. Michael Wood

    I was only 22 when I left Ottawa Canada to become a "rock star" in 1999. The only connection I had in LA was Casey Kasem. He was a cousin of a friend of mine. The night I landed, I had a ticket to see Slash from Guns N' Roses perform on the infamous Sunset Strip. I ended up meeting him at the world famous Rainbow. Being a guitar player myself, this was a chance of lifetime. He was amazing! Very down to earth and so unassuming. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life, meeting my idol and having him being so warm and welcoming.

    The following day, Casey invited me over to his house! There, he listened to the my music, well my band "Circuit"'s music and watched various videos. I could not believe I was in the living room of a world wide radio legend's living room reviewing my material.

    Little did these men both know how they would shape my life at the time and my future beyond their own possible expectations. I am now a voting member of the recording academy and vote on the Grammy Awards and have released a book on the business of music called "You've Got A Friend In The 'Biz" which became an Amazon Canada best seller. A book that tried to convey the same feelings towards an upcoming musician that were shown to me by Casey Kasem and Slash. Respect and an ear when I needed one to help me launch my own career.

    At the end of the day we are people, such a thought not more exemplified by these two worldwide superstars that took the time out of their day to help an upcoming Canadian,

    March 30, 2008 at 3:13 pm | Report abuse |
  5. Jody

    I was standing in line for the ladies room at a John Legend concert, when one of the crew approached us and asked if anyone had a safety pin b/c John's shirt was ripped. I happened to have one in my purse, so he took it and gave me a pass to go back and meet him after the show.

    He was really nice and laid-back and chatted with my friend and me for about 10 minutes about playing the piano, touring, etc.

    March 29, 2008 at 10:56 am | Report abuse |
  6. C. Brammar

    I had the pleasure of teaching Brooke Anderson tenth grade World History. Brooke was one of my favorite students. She was always sweet, kind and upbeat. I really enjoyed having her in my class.

    March 29, 2008 at 5:09 am | Report abuse |
  7. Susie

    I had the exciting chance to meet Kid Rock while he was in Chicago a few weeks ago. He showed up to this random bar and sang a bunch of songs with the live karaoke band. He was just hanging out and having a good time. Afterwards, I told him he was awesome and he made it the best Sunday Funday I'd ever had!

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  8. Liz

    In 1997 or 1998 the Counting Crows played in Minneapolis. A friend and I came across a tour bus we were sure belonged to the band. We knocked on the door, and a voice called out "Come in." While we hyperventilated, wondering if we should open the door, we saw in the rearview mirror that Adam Duritz was approaching. When he opened the door, we explained that we didn't want to bother him but simply had to say hello. He smiled, said it was cool, and explained that he was in the middle of beating the rest of the band at cards and couldn't really chat. But before he closed the door, he asked if we'd be at the show that night. "Yes," we said. "9th row." He said, "Ok, I'll wave to you. I'll be the one in the middle, with the dreadlocks." It was such a highlight!

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  9. Netta Young

    My boyfriend and I had the great pleasure of meeting Anthony Anderson!! It was after a comedy show here in Detroit at the Fox Theater and I just waited till everyone was gone and he came out and greeted the people that was out there. I will say that he is one of the MOST down to earth celebs out!! He will sign autographs ( he sign my stub) and just chill with you for a tic!

    Great personality!! Love ya Anthony Anderson

    March 28, 2008 at 12:49 pm | Report abuse |
  10. C. Watkins

    This is great! I had the pleasure of meeting McDreamy in NY City but Bill Bellamy has been my favorite "Celebrity Encounter! He was very charming and genuinely seemed to be happy to meet his fans! Great job CNN! I am looking forward to reading other posts from other readers on their encounters! cheers!

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