April 7th, 2010
09:27 AM ET

TV Recap: Telling secrets on 'Parenthood'

This seemed to be the night for telling secrets on “Parenthood.” Little secrets husbands and wives keep from each other, big ones that kids are afraid to tell their parents. Nothing out of the bounds of reality that some late night dramas tend to resort to, but I think they’re just as interesting - and much more relate-able. I’m hoping the ratings hold up and the show is picked up for another season.

Kristina and Adam are um, finishing up. He seems a lot more enthused about the morning encounter than she is. She’s clearly (to us, anyway) concerned about the kids. Haddie isn’t studying, and they’re meeting Max’s behavior specialist later.

Gabby the specialist arrives, and asks questions about Max’s behaviors and what Adam and Kristina would change if they could. I thought maybe they’d be better now that they know what is going on with Max and they’ve got him in a new school. FULL POST

March 31st, 2010
10:03 AM ET

TV Recap: Disappointment on 'Parenthood'

There was a lot of disappointment running through this episode of "Parenthood." Parents disappointed in kids, sisters disappointed in brothers. It was painful to see some of it, but I wasn't disappointed in the episode. I especially liked that they skipped the huge heart-warming family gathering at the end of the show.

Sarah is at school for parent night. A parent notices her "Braverman" name tag, and starts going on and on about Haddie. When she tells him Haddie's her niece and Amber is her daughter, there's a moment of awkward "oh you're HER mother" silence.

Sarah runs out for nicotine gum and runs into Amber's English teacher (played by the late John Ritter's son, Jason). He says Amber is one of his best students, pleasantly surprising Sarah. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the paper the teacher raved about was actually her paper from high school. She was going to rat out her own daughter, but Mr. Sears raved so much about Amber and the paper, she changes her mind. FULL POST

March 24th, 2010
11:28 AM ET

'Parenthood' recap: Wassup

testing captions
testing captions

Crosby seems to be making a good effort at embracing the fatherhood thing. Adam is helping him child proof the houseboat so he’s ready for Jabbar’s next sleepover.

In this case, child proofing also includes hiding Crosby’s drug paraphernalia and random women’s undergarments.  Adam is also dispensing his usual brotherly advice, telling Crosby how innocent little kids look when they’re sleeping. The fact Crosby somehow relates that to watching his “hell cat” girlfriends after they’ve passed out makes me think he doesn’t quite get it.

Adam and Christina are going over the family bills when they discover huge cell phone charges on 15-year-old Haddie’s line.  She’s calling a number they don’t recognize. And they do what any reasonable parent should do; they turn into Those Parents, the kind who go through their kids things and read the kid’s Facebook page (I’m totally on board with that, by the way).


March 17th, 2010
08:47 AM ET

'Parenthood' recap: The deep end of the pool

Sometimes I like when you can tell what a show or a movie is about from the title. And I like when show creators stick to what the show is supposed to be about.

So far, the people behind “Parenthood” are delivering on the premise of people dealing with different stages, trials and tribulations of being or having parents.

Max gets kicked out of school for turning over a fish tank - the bubbles were bugging him while he tried to work on a class assignment. Watching Adam and Christina trying to convince a school administrator to take their son into a new school is heartbreaking. So is watching their teenage daughter, who had a soccer final they completely forgot about. She finally tells her dad how she feels about her parents paying so much attention to Max for so long. FULL POST

March 10th, 2010
12:50 PM ET

TV recap: Man versus possum on 'Parenthood'

The episode opens with Adam waking up to a noisy possum, and chasing the thing with a tennis racket. Maybe it’s supposed to be a metaphor for his problems, maybe it’s just supposed to show some of the crazy things people have to deal with. Don’t know, moving on…

Crosby tries to get to know his son over a stack of pancakes. He’s very cute and really calm considering his ex sprung the kid on him. She wants him to develop a relationship with their son. Perhaps she should have thought about that, say, five years ago, when she had the kid.

Julia is going through the time-honored tradition of trying to bond with your kid in the car rider drop-off line at school, while hoping to get to work on time. While she's waiting, one of the other mothers cuts her off in line, then proceeds to chat and otherwise take her time, as Julia steams about trying to get to a meeting. FULL POST

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