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Beyonce's favorite hue is still 'Jay Z Blue'

If you believe the rumors floating around, Beyonce is so close to getting a divorce from husband Jay Z that she's buying her own apartment in New York City.

But her Instagram account - a.k.a., the singer's favorite place to post cryptic and occasionally direct responses - seems to tell a different story.

Over the weekend, the New York Post's Page Six claimed that Beyonce's marriage to Jay Z is "crumbling," and the end of the couple's current "On the Run" tour will spell the end of their time as husband and wife.

By Tuesday, the speculation was kicked up a notch to include gossip that Beyonce's secretly house-hunting in NYC for a single lady abode.

The Queen, meanwhile, simply posted this photo to Instagram:

And then reminded everyone that her "favorite hue is Jay Z Blue," a nod to both her husband and their daughter, toddler Blue Ivy, as well as her evident recall of Hov's lyrics.