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A 'hammered' Charlie Sheen goes to Taco Bell

It's late at night, you're feeling no pain, and need something to munch on.

If you're Charlie Sheen, the answer to that problem is Taco Bell's drive-thru.

But as the actor was trying to get his grub, some fans noticed him and called Sheen over.

Thankfully, Sheen was nice and friendly in that state, and amicably ambled over to the strangers' car and said hello.

"Sorry I'm so f*****g hammered," he apologized as he introduced himself, and began bonding with his new pals over his tattoos. (Warning: The clip below contains strong language.)

Although the video, shared by Gawker on Wednesday, makes it look like Sheen may have been walking through the drive-thru, TMZ points out that's Sheen's chauffeured Benz in the background.