Will Smith on James Avery, and more news to note
January 6th, 2014
06:55 PM ET

Will Smith on James Avery, and more news to note

Today's talk you might've missed:

  • Will Smith has broken his silence on the death of his "Fresh Prince" co-star, James Avery. In a Facebook post, the actor commended Avery for teaching him some of his "greatest lessons in Acting, Living and being a respectable human being. ... Every young man needs an Uncle Phil." [Will Smith's Facebook]
  • Jonah Hill's bringing his charm back to "Saturday Night Live" for a third time on January 25. The "Wolf of Wall Street" star will host that episode, on which U.K. group Bastille will make their "SNL" debut.
  • This trailer for "House of Cards'" second season promises plenty of juicy drama, but more importantly it upholds our conviction that we'd watch Kevin Spacey perform anything, including the phone book.
  • Critics may adore Spike Jonze's futuristic love story "Her," about a man who falls for his operating system, but Apple's Siri definitely does not see the appeal. (Yes, Siri knows who/what "Her" is.) [BuzzFeed]
  • Emma Watson is single again after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Will Adamovicz, which means she's now going to be deluged with "Harry Potter"-inspired pickup lines. Here's a pro tip: she's definitely not into that. [Telegraph]
  • After playing a soon-to-be groom in "The Hangover," Justin Bartha has gone off and had the real thing. The actor married Lia Smith in Hawaii on Saturday - and we're assuming he had a very concrete list of dos and don't s for his bachelor party. [People]

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  3. Stan

    I bet little Webster is really upset about this. He made The Fresh Prince show great. I loved when he stared as the TV character will smith.

    January 7, 2014 at 8:58 am | Report abuse |
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