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Amy Poehler is a Judy Blume fan

We want in on the Amy Poehler book club.

The actress is not only the hysterical star of "Parks and Recreation" and a darn fine co-host of Awards shows, but she also is a big fan of author Judy Blume.

"I am excited to see Judy Blume’s new movie, because she is a very special lady, and more movies should be produced with her name," Poehler told Vulture. "Or she should just sit and read her books aloud and we should just gather at her feet."

A film adaptation of Blume's novel "Tiger Eyes" was just released. Poehler also has an affinity for Blume's very popular adolescent novel "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" calling the book "very special."

Might we ever see a pairing of the two? Especially given the fact Poehler is working on her own book which is being described as an "illustrated, non-linear diary"? The actress certainly seems open to it.

"Oh, anytime," Poehler said. "I would love to work with her. She [wrote] the books of my generation, certainly. I learned a lot from her."