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'Sesame Street' asks: Have you seen this man?

The producers of "Sesame Street" have looked high and low, and now they're turning to the Internet.

The show is searching for the original actor who played the character of Gordon 42 years ago. Roscoe Orman is best known as playing that role since the show's sixth season. Two other actors played Gordon in the early years, but this particular unknown man only played Gordon in the landmark children's series' unaired pilot.

"Sesame Street" has posted everything they know, including a clip of the unknown gentleman in the pilot. Unfortunately, even some of his fellow actors from that pilot, such as Big Bird actor Carroll Spinney, don't recall who he is.

The show wants people with any knowledge of who the "missing Gordon" is, to e-mail According to their website, "It could be something seemingly small; something like 'my great aunt once said that her third cousin was almost on Sesame Street,' or, 'there was a person in my neighborhood who said he was on Sesame Street in the late 1960s.' And as we learn more, we'll post it here."

Could it be that the show wants to put together a reunion of everyone who participated in that first episode they ever shot? Only time – not to mention anyone with knowledge of who the actor is – will tell.