'How to Make It In America': Things fall apart
November 14th, 2011
12:25 PM ET

'How to Make It In America': Things fall apart

Friendships were tested and 'shrooms were eaten during last night’s explosive prelude to "How to Make It's" season finale.

We began with Kappo prepping for a stint in a medium security prison. The fact that we got next to no explanation of why Eddie Kaye Thomas’ character is headed for lockup (OK, insider trading, whatever) almost made it hard to care that he was leaving.

At the same time, I do wish we had more of him to go around this season. Regardless, Kappo wanted to talk with Rene about how to handle life behind bars, and wanted Cam to set it up.

Over at the Biscuit editorial offices, Rachel was getting the pink slip. They may have been few and far between, but the Rachel run-ins at Biscuit were some of my favorite scenes. Those clashes with the boss over focus and passion led to the quintessential 20-something question of "What am I doing here" - these days most commonly asked by those who are actually employed.

While Rachel got the ax, it appeared Ben and Cam were getting the okie doke from Yosi, who wants the fellas to sign over the licensing for CRISP so that he can make big orders and brand it under a new name, "CRISP by Yosi." Wait, what?!

It turns out Ben and Cam shared my sentiment, and are worried Yosi wants to get over on them. He warns the boys that if they bail on him it will be a deal-breaker for their Gadzooks order. Cam doesn’t want anything to do with Yosi or Nancy, but Ben is convinced he can use his uh, charm, to get the latter to sway the former.

When he confronts Nancy in her office, she tells Ben that letting Yosi take control is the right move. Then she hits Ben with the, "Don’t let Cam push you around on this," line. For a while I’ve gotten the feeling that Nancy has wanted to phase Cam out of the picture, and Ben having sex with her on the couch shows he’s still a sucker for her cougar-ish cunning, and can’t spot that fact on his own.

While Ben’s blinded by lust, Rachel is just plain confused. She visits Farmer Tim to tell him his feature isn’t running and he suggests they take mushrooms and hit up the nearby sauna. Everything is peachy till Tim’s girlfriend finds them and basically gives Rachel a nice shove to the ground. Half naked, sprawled on the ground and staring up at an older man’s genitals – we see Rachel at her lowest point of the series.

Still tripping from her hallucinogens, she tries out a cup of soup in a bodega before paying. And in arguably one of the more hilarious and endearing moments of the season, Rachel’s downfall is complete. "F-- this soup and f-- you!" Lake Bell, funniest character of the season?

While we’re talking confrontation, Rene is on the hunt for the Rasta Monsta weed spray pusher. Steve from Vert told him that he wants Rasta Monsta in all of his stores, but has heard that it could be a front for a marijuana spray. Until Rene can prove that his business is legit, the deal is being put on hold.

Rene has a chat with Cam and asks if he knows where the source of this faux Rasta Monsta merchandise is coming from. Cam of course plays stupid to protect Domingo, but he later has a chat with him. The drug dealing dog walker says he made enough of the spray to "get the entire NYU class of 2012 stoned for a month."

So Cam conjures the perfect plan: They can put Rene in the clear and give the middle finger to Yosi by selling the rest of the weed spray to UMass kids and come up with the cash to manufacture enough hoodies for the Gadzooks deal.

Domingo’s in, but something tells me – and by something I mean the preview for the next episode – that the Jamaicans trying to bring Rasta Monsta down might beg to differ.

Rene eventually finds out who's behind the ganja spray thanks to a nervous Kappo, who takes a couple hits after he learns that he's going to be very popular in prison.

It's on for Rene and his goons, but they can't find Cam because he’s en route to UMass….that is, until members of Everton’s East Flatbush Caribbean League pop up. Is that Pusha T? Indeed it is.

The Jamaicans snatch up all of Cam’s Rasta spray after rear-ending the promo Escalade, and warn that if Rene and his camp ever want to see the product again, they will meet with Everton face to face.

While a war is brewing over his business, Rene’s world only gets more hectic with a visit to Debbie’s apartment. Drum roll, please: She’s pregnant, and that means Rene’s going to be a father and has to get his life in order to raise a family.

Meanwhile, things seem to be falling apart in Ben and Cam’s business and personal relationship. When Cam gives Ben the "Do whatever you want to do with Yosi and Nancy, just don’t call it CRISP” ultimatum, the future of the brand and the friendship fall on Ben.

And what Ben does next will depend on whether or not he can put himself outside of the situation. Thanks to a phone call from everybody’s favorite blonde party girls, Kirsten and Christen, Nancy is exposed. The Yosi-Gadzooks pairing was actually Nancy’s idea all along in what appears to be a scheme for the guys to sell their brand to her husband.

Realizing he might be throwing everything that matters the most to him away over an affair with older woman, Ben has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

One episode left in the season, and it looks as though anything could happen. What do you guys think? How has season 2 fared compared to last?

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  1. Larzee

    What are they doing to Rachel's character? I thought that when she witnessed her boyfirend kiss another dude as well as hire her former employer to design the new hotel in the Bowery (which was way over their heads in Season 1) that Rachel became a stronger and wiser person. Now, she seems like she is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement and clueless. I don't like the direction she is going in – moving from one drug manufacturer to another in meaningless relationships.

    November 16, 2011 at 10:53 am | Report abuse |
  2. Dmv

    Great cast. Subpar production. Good writing. Excellent show. Keep it going. We need longer episodes and more episodes per season. Now is when people are starting to get going with the show.

    November 14, 2011 at 7:26 pm | Report abuse |
  3. Scott

    I do love this show but the episodes are too short – they cram as much as they can into 22 minutes.. This show always has me wanting more (which is good).. I personally think it's better than Entourage but I do agree with Tasha about the ackwardness of celeb cameos.. The scene with Pharrell was uncomfortable. Still love the show, especially the last episode where everything starts to fall apart. Can't wait til the next one and next season... I'll be disappointed if it's cancelled.

    November 14, 2011 at 6:12 pm | Report abuse |
  4. Tasha

    Sadly, this show is regurgitated Entourage.. Scenes are very choppy and have a overly rehersed feel to them. Seems like the director just shoots a bunch of scenes and then cuts them down to be within time frame. Ben and the Cougar's chemistry is forced and unrealistic. Most relationships on the show develop out of nowhere and seem only to serve the purpose of creating forced drama between characters. Guest appearances by Music stars (i.e. on Yosi's boat) seem like an embarrassing, desperate attempt by the director to give the show cred. (I actually cringed severl times watching the boat episode). Farmer Tin's character is so dull. The community bike ride through NY was another feel good, unreal, cringe worthy moment. I keep waiting for this show to suprise me and for the cheesy factor to be removed, but I am having doubts it will ever happen. The cast is good and deserves better!

    November 14, 2011 at 6:03 pm | Report abuse |
  5. shrooms

    As in majik ?

    November 14, 2011 at 3:14 pm | Report abuse |
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  7. pooopasaurus rex


    November 14, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Report abuse |

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