Google gets into the 'Spy' game
February 17th, 2011
12:59 PM ET

Google gets into the 'Spy' game

Before celebrity snark ran rampant on the Internet, there was Spy magazine.

The mag came to an end in 1998, but in an effort to help you relive those memories - or introduce you to the mag if you missed it the first time around - Google has cultivated a digital collection of back issues.

Created in 1986 by authors and editors Kurt Andersen and Graydon Carter along with publisher Tom Phillips, the magazine was far from afraid to cast a humorously critical eye on some of the big personalities of the time. As Carter has explained to CNN, the "rough idea" was "for a magazine that would be about New York, that would be based on journalism, would be funny and look reasonably good."

By doing so, the magazine gained a following of both adoring fans and ticked-off A-listers. The writer Dave Eggers called it "cruel, brilliant, beautifully written and perfectly designed, and feared by all," whereas Donald Trump – oft a target – viewed it as a “piece of garbage,” NPR reports.

Whichever viewpoint you adopt of the famed publication, the issues are now available via Google books.

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  1. Mormon

    That chicks armpits are turning me on...

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  2. Ana

    That all sucks

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  3. 1inthehandis2inthebush

    Google is a spy

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  4. Hmmm

    That sucks

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  5. Goggyhateu

    lame asses

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  6. whogivesASH1T

    No one cares about this story and more importantly no one cares...or shouldnt care about posting first

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  7. db

    On the front page of the comments, iwin?

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  8. me

    ooohhh second to post!!!! lol

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  9. joe

    you can use it for a protest

    February 17, 2011 at 1:42 pm | Report abuse |
  10. whisper

    people still use Google for stuff?

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  11. mooooooooo

    first to post baaaaby ! I RULE !

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