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Jane Lynch: World's not ready for gay actors as romantic leads

There could be another reason Coach Sue planned to marry herself on an earlier episode of "Glee" this season: Openly gay actress Jane Lynch believes the world just isn't ready to see homosexual actors playing a romantic lead.

Most of the world is straight, Lynch tells After Elton, and "what studios want is for people to project their hopes and their dreams for romance onto these people. And I think that’s what stops them from casting gay people… It’s everybody looking at the bottom line."

While actor Rupert Everett claims his career tanked after he came out, 50-year-old Lynch, who wed psychologist Lara Embry last Memorial Day, believes she hasn't lost work because of her sexuality.

"I’ve never been turned down for a role because I’m gay," she says. "I’m a character actor, and that’s probably why. I don’t find Hollywood, in my own experience, to be homophobic. Have I ever been turned down? I don’t know because you never know when you don’t get something or why you didn’t get it. But I do think the straight folks will continue to play the straight roles."