'Eastbound & Down': Chapter 11
October 25th, 2010
10:27 AM ET

'Eastbound & Down': Chapter 11

While I’ve been on vacation, A LOT has been going on the world of Kenny Powers. We’re now down to two episodes left in season two, and the last two chapters have set us up nicely for next Sunday’s show.

To bring everyone up to speed, KP hit rock bottom last week. After seemingly becoming the top dog of Copales, Mexico, “La Flama Blanca” played himself right out of the Charros pitching rotation, his girlfriend left him for the team owner and he was finally left with no other choice then to take off - in Sebastian’s Lamborghini - looking for the mysterious Eduardo Sanchez. Turns out, Eduardo Sanchez is KP’s dad, played by Don Johnson with a bad mullet and a mouth equally as foul as his son.

Chapter 11 picks up right where we left off: With father and son exchanging a few words while also trying to one-up each other with their faux stories of success. Eduardo then takes KP and Stevie (Eduardo’s verbal jabs at Stevie brought most of the laughs in this episode) on a tour of his home where the former meets his stepmother, Soledad, and his mute, blockheaded half-brother, Casper.

KP immediately expresses his disgust for having to share a space in his father’s life with a “half-Navajo brother” to which Stevie replies, “If I found out I had a half black brother or a whole black brother I’d be very upset.”

Eduardo then lets KP and Stevie onto his successful ATV touring business. KP quickly grows an admiration for his father who, like him, claims to have found success by not playing by the rules. KP later comes clean to his father about his not-so-glamorous life. Eduardo tells KP to continue living, and not to look back and question the past.

After blessing Casper’s computer with some good ol' urine, KP tells Stevie he plans to spend the rest of life with his father. Stevie grows upset with KP’s revelation and admits that he lied to him about April marrying Cutler as a part of his grand scheme to have him to himself and lead a life of “outlaws” in Mexico.

Now, angry and utterly confused, KP tells Eduardo he “loves” him and wants to stay with him. In return, Eduardo calls the police on KP and Stevie for stealing Sebastian’s car. Soledad bails KP and Stevie out of the jail and explains that the ATV business and everything that comes with it, belongs to her. Soledad grabs KP’s crotch, and hints that the two could serve Eduardo the ultimate dish of revenge.

Instead, KP and Stevie hatch a plan to return home. At a gas station, KP makes a call to April and leaves her with a message, “I’m coming for you.”

With only two chapters left, what do you guys think of the season so far? What are your thoughts and predictions for the finale?

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  1. JD

    Next week is not the finale. There are 7 episodes this season (ending at Chapter 13).

    October 25, 2010 at 2:17 pm | Report abuse |
  2. cheefsfury


    October 25, 2010 at 12:29 pm | Report abuse |

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