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'Gilmore Girls,' the movie?

Nothing stands the test of time like a loving, old-fashioned mother-daughter relationship.

Lauren Graham, formerly known to the world as Lorelai Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls," told Vanity Fair that a movie based on the long-running series is definitely a possibility.

“What’s funny to me is that in all these years, no one ever talked about it except the fans,” she told Vanity Fair. “But now people with power, people who could actually make it happen, are talking about it.”

However, Graham worries that the movie could be potentially boring, and that the format of the show might not translate to the big screen.

When asked about what misadventures Rory and Lorelai could get into, Graham said it would be hard to say, as "Gilmore Girls" was never a plot-driven television show.

“That is what might be uncovered in a two-hour movie,” she said. “You’d be like, ‘Wait a minute, they just talk and make fun of things. This is a terrible movie.’”

But, she added, if "Gilmore Girls" is going to be turned into a feature film, it should happen sooner rather than later.

“I think it could be good, but I wonder if we’ve waited too long,” Graham said. “I don’t want to be walking around the town square with a cane.”