July 19th, 2010
10:12 AM ET

Sam Trammell's nude scenes draw famous female fans

Count Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Victoria Principal among the stars who have fallen under the spell of HBO’s “True Blood.”

Actor Sam Trammell, who plays shapeshifter Sam Merlotte on the enchanting supernatural series, learned he has some very famous female fans when he helped out at Larry King’s telethon for the oil spill last month.

“This guy Pete Wentz, who is Ashlee Simpson’s husband, wanted to take my picture for Ashlee,” Trammell told the New York Post. “I was sitting between him and Nicole Richie. I felt like I was in a club. I was waiting for Lindsay Lohan to throw a drink on me.”


July 19th, 2010
10:11 AM ET

'Entourage' and the ghosts of great episodes past

“Entourage” fans, I have to tell you: I had a great weekend, and not because I was out basking in the glow of 90 degree-plus temperatures here in sunny Hotlanta. I'm a tropical kind of guy, but it just wasn't that kind of party. My weekend was great thanks to the “Entourage” season two DVD set!

That's right people. I wasn't confined to the couch because of bad weather or some quirky summer head cold, it was by choice. I purposely made the move towards a nice-sized order of honey BBQ chicken wings (with fries on the side, sprinkled with A1 steak sauce – delicious!), the remote control and being holed up in seclusion with 14 great episodes from arguably the show's finest season.

Such activity for hours on end is just good for the soul sometimes, but while it’s a gift, it can also be a curse.


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