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'The Hills' = not real. Oh, you didn't know?

Much like the episodes in the past six seasons of MTV’s “The Hills,” nothing really happened in the uber-hyped finale. But honestly, did you expect anything different?

The ending - where the camera pans out on Brody Jenner, who had just said “goodbye” to Kristin Cavallari, to reveal a Hollywood lot and a fake backdrop - was the acknowledgment that we have all been waiting for: The drama and shenanigans of the past six episodes weren't entirely true.

But again, did you expect anything different?

Here’s a summation of what happened as “The Hills” came to an end: There was a going away party for Cavallari (who hadn’t even left for Europe when we see her at the live after show), an awkward date for Stephanie and a promise of commitment that wasn’t quite a proposal for Lo and her boyfriend.

While Jenner gave a kind-of, sort-of answer to the reality question during the after show, saying, “Well the thing is, as you saw on the end – what’s real and what’s fake, you don’t know,” we’re going to play devil’s advocate and make a case for at least a teensy bit of reality.

Because if it was as fake as Cavallari said, then why were there so many awkward silences and plot-less episodes?

However, we’d still like to give some awards to the cast, regardless of how fake their plotlines were.

Most improved

Audrina Patridge wins this one for finally –- finally! - getting a backbone and giving Justin Bobby a taste of his own medicine.

Most stable

Lo Bosworth has been the voice of reason for six seasons plus her time on “Laguna Beach.”  I really hope her relationship with her boyfriend is real, because it was the one good ending with a promise of a future on last night’s episode.

Biggest downfall

Kristin Cavallari, who may have started out as such an independent woman who never let a boy get her down, ended the season as yet another girl who has gotten played by Brody Jenner - but that probably wasn’t real.

For those who have the unexplainable urge to watch Heidi and Spencer continue to fall into the abyss of nuttiness -– sort of like the way it’s hard to look away from a horrific accident - I am sorry to say they did not make a surprise appearance at the after party. Nor could anyone at the after show confirm their divorce.

So what say you, Marquee readers: Did "The Hills" finale live up to the hype?