February 24th, 2010
09:29 AM ET

'Glee' cast tweets about White House invite

The cast of "Glee" has taken to Twitter to talk about a recent party invitation. The CNN Political Ticker reports that no less than three actors on the show – Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, and Chris Colfer – have all tweeted about an invitation to sing at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

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February 24th, 2010
07:59 AM ET

'Lost': Jack and Hurley's bogus journey

Thank you, Jorge Garcia, a.k.a. Hugo, a.k.a. Hurley for really saving Tuesday night's episode of "Lost." It was a stroke of brilliance to have Hurley see dead people, because his interactions with Jacob have been one of the highlights of this season. He also made this week's Jack-centric episode a lot more bearable.

Before we get to the real meat of this episode, there was another visit to the alternate timeline. And just in case it wasn't clear before, things are quite different there - seeing as Jack has a teenage son, with whom he has an uneasy relationship (yes, just like his relationship with his own father). One big, obvious question here: Who is his mother? And, oh yeah, the alternate version of Dogen pops up at a conservatory where Jack's son auditions.

Back on the island in the "real" timeline, Jacob tells Hurley to get Jack to follow him somewhere so they can help bring someone to the island. Jack being Jack, he's hesitant to go, but the words "You've got what it takes" convince him. On the way, they encounter the cave where they lived during much of the first season (remember that?) and they find the "Adam and Eve" skeletons, where Hurley puts forth a theory voiced by many fans that they're castaways having traveled through time. And since Hurley said this, I'm guessing that's wrong. Jack also reminds us that he found his father, Christian's empty casket there and smashed it. "Jack smash!" is second only to "Hulk smash!" FULL POST

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