June 16th, 2009
01:49 PM ET

Looking For Talent at the White House?

"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon was spotted hanging at the White House Tuesday morning. The actor/hip-hop singer/ producer, who was accompanied by a small entourage of four, said he hadn't seen the President. Why was he here? Cannon was taping promos for the season premiere of the show. In fact, later he was positioned in front of a camera on the North Lawn next to CNN yelling loudly "America's got talent! Season four! Begins now!" "The wait is finally over! This is America's got talent!" "Tonight season premiere! The show that turns ordinary people into superstars!" Facing the same challenges White House correspondents regularly experience, Cannon, was forced to do several takes of the teases, stopping and starting because of noisy hammering from construction across the street.

There was just one question almost all the White House photographers asked Cannon, "where's Mariah?" Indeed, there was a lot of finger-pointing and excitement among some who referred to him as "Mariah Carey's husband." So I asked Cannon myself, if she'd be coming. Cannon said Mariah was at home and doing great. You could see the disappointment on so many faces.

Cannon, like many tourists, went to the White House briefing room, stood behind the press secretary's podium, and mugged before cameras. Later he went to the press' back lunch room where he munched on a vending machine sticky bun. Cannon seemed thoroughly excited to be at the White House, despite the fact many in the press corps who spotted him, kept asking, "isn't that Mariah Carey's husband?"

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  1. Erica

    Why did they get rid of Jerry?

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